23rd December 1999 Archive

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  • Brazil bans Quake and other PC games

    The whole world's gone stark staring bonkers

    Business 23 09:15

  • Scott McNealy uses Tardis to re-assure customers about Y2K bug

    Somewhere at Sun there's a prophet...

    Business 23 09:24

  • Register LEGO compo results

    You had to be in it to win it -- oh, and you also had to be based in the UK

    Business 23 13:58

  • MS CFO Maffei leaves for fibre-filled role

    Second time lucky for Greg's breakout bid

    Business 23 14:08

  • Money-chasing lawyers popped too many pills, says MS

    Ambulance chasers hold Washington gaffe-fest

    Business 23 14:10

  • Alpha reseller up in arms over API delays

    Not a happy soul...unhappy...

    Business 23 18:30