22nd December 1999 Archive

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  • Infoseek porn exec gets porridge for Xmas

    Judge refuses to let him home for the holidays

    Business 22 07:42

  • UK book minnow throws book at Amazon

    You can't sell our books

    Business 22 07:46

  • Mary Meeker: Net bubble will burst in early 2000

    Scary stuff from world's highest paid dotcom analyst

    Business 22 07:46

  • MS moves for dismissal of Priceline's shakey patent suit

    Like a lot of recent patents, it's probably built on sand...

    Business 22 09:54

  • Lessig moves reveal MS fears over IE-Win98 tying

    Or maybe it just doesn't think the court should have friends either...

    Business 22 09:57

  • Intel is an absolutely fab company

    There's nothing quite like it for ROI

    Business 22 10:36

  • Readers race to rescue on email front

    Gotta 20MB PowerPoint file queueing? No problem

    Business 22 10:52

  • Intel grabs 3D Labs portfolio

    It's for the cash, company claims

    Business 22 11:20

  • Nvidia sues S3 in patent clash

    Yes, but which patent? Neither party is saying

    Business 22 11:55

  • Palm keeps 3Com in profit during Q2

    Network, comms product sales down 12, 14 per cent - Palm sales up 77 per cent

    Business 22 12:16

  • Crazed Microsoft antagonist runs for president

    Florida lawyer now trying to get ignored on a national scale...

    Business 22 12:18

  • Intel cuddles up to Jedec SDRAM standards

    Mama and Papa of U-turns...it's a new generation...people in motion

    Business 22 12:19

  • Top MS exec charged over in-vehicle firearm innovation

    Drive-by game shooting? Grief, Joachim...

    Business 22 12:20

  • Y2K-watch Web site warns of economic collapse

    We're all doomed... maybe

    Business 22 12:28

  • Texan site reveals Intel's Y2000 plans

    Ride 'em cowboy... the 820 cedes to the BX...

    Business 22 13:01

  • Palm colour-screen IIIc to ship February

    Just a sop to Sony, IPO-interested investors though

    Business 22 13:08

  • Schoolboy passes the Novell test

    Azlan sponsors (another) child prodigy through CNE exams

    Business 22 13:50

  • Man jailed over Net pedo lies

    Teacher defamed on bulletin boards by ex-pupil

    Business 22 13:50

  • Mesh pre-announces its PIII 800 PC

    Lots of brave talk, but no sign of any actual chips...

    Business 22 13:50