21st December 1999 Archive

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  • TechSearch loses round to Intel in patent case

    $8 billion case dismissed by judge

    Business 21 09:45

  • Via-S3 deal would make Intel dead grumpy

    S3 buys #9, but share price flutters.

    Business 21 09:58

  • MS votes for InterVU with $30 million

    And gets back $10 million almost immediately from the ahre hike...

    Business 21 10:35

  • Ask Jeeves – about MS and MIT patents…

    Ot you could ask Maxwell. Or not.

    Business 21 10:37

  • Nader slams MS pricing, licences, demands Office ports

    Just another day in a life of consumer advocacy...

    Business 21 10:41

  • Big Q's petition to FTC on Alpha might well fail

    Whatever happened to low-end Alphas?

    Business 21 11:37

  • Big Q to roll-out BTO for direct buyers

    Deal with Inacom said to be on the cards

    Business 21 12:56

  • Clinton throws his weight behind online Christmas shopping

    Is that a Big Q on your laptop or are you just pleased to see me

    Business 21 13:12

  • New UK MD named for HP

    Has to hang to his existing duties, despite promotion

    Business 21 13:40

  • Win2000 to fuel Taiwan memory growth

    And Rambus won't get in the way

    Business 21 15:20

  • Dell customers delayed at Caminogate gulch

    Them RIMMs, them RIMMs, them dry RIMMs

    Business 21 15:42

  • Bastard Operator From Hell joins The Register

    Cult Columnist chooses us as primero uno online outlet

    Business 21 15:47

  • Intel's 1GHz bent promises

    Said it could do it last February. Hasn't done it yet

    Business 21 16:03

  • Goldrush town to give itself DOTCOM moniker

    There's gold in them thar hills...

    Business 21 16:16

  • MS PR bunnies' warrens wander

    Text 100 -- Microsoft Nil

    Business 21 17:25