20th December 1999 Archive

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  • 800MHz Athlons tip-up in Intel-AMD Desperation Derby

    One gigahertz finishing post in sight

    Business 20 08:40

  • Intel's 800MHz Spinola

    Intel's Advanced 0.18-Micron Technology Enables Pentium® III Processor at 800 MHz

    Business 20 09:52

  • Akamai signs AltaVista owner for app delivery scheme

    First customer for EdgeAdvantage

    Business 20 10:57

  • Yamaha brings digital music service on-line

    But it's MIDI-based, not MP3

    Business 20 11:06

  • Corel takes on US govt over software procurement

    Move follows similar case in Canada

    Business 20 11:19

  • Adobe elevated to $1bn-a-year company…

    ...even as co-founder plans to quit

    Business 20 11:28

  • The Register's IT Company of the Millennium Award

    Clean sweep for computing giant

    Business 20 12:04

  • Millennium IT staff more valuable than nurses

    Rates pay reveal sorry state of priorities

    Business 20 12:49

  • Book votes man as book of the year

    Amazon's Bezos gets Person of the Year gong from magazine

    Business 20 13:33

  • Compaq developing 'BeOS Lite'-based Net appliances

    Could soon be Linux-based Net appliances, though...

    Business 20 14:57

  • Red Hat revenues up – losses way up

    Two-for-one stock split coming too

    Business 20 15:23

  • Memory stolen at gunpoint was ours, says Dane-Elec

    Day's shipment lost as courier's van hit by robbers

    Business 20 16:29

  • Yank consumer report underscores EU privacy concerns

    Great timing, eh?

    Business 20 16:46

  • Cisco buys into optical communications

    Bag of tricks growing fast

    Business 20 16:52