17th December 1999 Archive

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  • CHS gets shot of subsidiaries

    Local management take control under new company

    Business 17 11:08

  • Red Hat to buy Be?

    So sayeth the rumour-mill -- we're not so sure, though

    Business 17 11:15

  • Cisco backs CallNet0800 expansion

    Capacity to double within days

    Business 17 11:21

  • Tories shortlist techie for London mayor

    Promises to bring IT to politics – no chance of winning then

    Business 17 11:22

  • Santa Vulture wishes you all a Happy Christmas

    Charity begins at home

    Business 17 11:44

  • Hacker thwarted in newspaper plot

    Express snitches after threat to scupper rivals

    Business 17 11:48

  • Sportal bags $50m for Asia/Europe roll-out

    IPO around the corner

    Business 17 12:12

  • Chinese court rejects Microsoft piracy suit

    Another case of mistaken identity in the Orient

    Business 17 12:21

  • Akamai to launch app delivery service

    Uses company's own would-be standard. Ahem.

    Business 17 12:45

  • Canadian reseller tries to sue Apple for CA$5m

    Alleges Apple used dodgy Ts&Cs, entrapment

    Business 17 13:22

  • AllAdvantage coughs-up Register bribe

    They've sent in the cash, so here's the story…

    Business 17 13:26

  • Lycos snaps up FAST stake

    If you can't beat 'em, buy 'em

    Business 17 13:39

  • Virgin shortage hits Branson's mobile venture

    There's never one around when you need one

    Business 17 13:41

  • Samsung to spend $3bn on Rambus boost

    Backs up big talk with big money

    Business 17 13:48

  • Disney exec found guilty in pedo sting

    'A bit of harmless role-playing gone terribly wrong...'

    Business 17 13:52

  • Avnet puts staff on Y2K bug watch

    We can all relax then

    Business 17 15:36

  • Playmate wins right to use Playboy trademarks in her metas

    Tags out for the lads...

    Business 17 16:30

  • Thieves grab chips at gunpoint

    Van driver abducted as £250k worth of kit stolen

    Business 17 16:35

  • Russia cheerfully refutes Y2K anarchy predictions

    US State Department sneers

    Business 17 16:58

  • Merced slow, slow, quick quick slow

    Itanium reported to move at speed of sound

    Business 17 17:01

  • American Y2K bugs expected to hit the poor

    What a shocker

    Business 17 17:35