16th December 1999 Archive

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  • Memory makers salivate over Win2000

    Have they learned nothing from history?

    Business 16 09:40

  • First mobile RIMMs not expected until Q2

    SO-near but yet SO-far

    Business 16 10:50

  • MetaCreations switches horses

    Puts eggs into e-commerce visualisation, whatever that is...

    Business 16 11:52

  • Casio, Siemens partner on wireless WinCE Palm VII rival

    Phone meets PDA in European market

    Business 16 12:52

  • Intel Coppermines won't go in rockets… phew

    But x86 technology does soar to the skies

    Business 16 13:13

  • AOL Europe rubbishes senior staffer's IPO claims

    AOL Europe not to float in Paris - but AOL France may well do

    Business 16 13:16

  • Rambus Intel contract set to expire

    Will Chipzilla 2000 be a caring, sharing giant?

    Business 16 13:29

  • BBC teams with Vodafone for cellular news service

    Coming to a handset near you, RSN...

    Business 16 14:47

  • Serial laptop mugger faces slammer

    Going offline for a very long time, says judge

    Business 16 15:43

  • Court tells EU to reopen MS antitrust investigation

    Naughty Commission's been sitting on its hands too hard...

    Business 16 17:10