15th December 1999 Archive

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  • Linuxcare expands globally through $32.5m investment

    Dell, Sun, Oracle, Motorola inject cash -- Puffin Group acquired

    Business 15 10:54

  • Brit charged with conspiring to kill via Web

    Offered $25,000 for proof of married couple's death, say police

    Business 15 11:05

  • Despite on/off rumour, MS settlement remains unlikely

    But it kept Wall Street busy for a bit...

    Business 15 11:22

  • Intel dismisses ‘mobile Rambus dead’ claims

    Direct DRAM mobile chipset not dead, just resting...

    Business 15 11:27

  • Consortium proposes Net acceleration standard

    MS-backed Akamai sets itself against Sun-sponsored rival

    Business 15 12:00

  • Motorola strokes Symbian after Palm stake purchase

    Still loves EPOC, honest...

    Business 15 12:07

  • Taiwanese OEMs lose out in Dell rejig

    PC giant to claw back notebook manufacture

    Business 15 12:10

  • Net funds directors charged by SFO

    Fraud allegations surround ISP and telco

    Business 15 12:50

  • Rambus yields only at 50 per cent

    Where, oh where are those lovely RIMMs?

    Business 15 13:00

  • New challenger enters Bill Gates domain sale ring

    Tongue-in-cheek (we presume) three year old cybersquatter will take £1.5 million

    Business 15 13:10

  • Willamette, Foster 870 details leak

    Leak more a trickle than a treat

    Business 15 13:11

  • Lebanon no longer red at Intel

    Chipzalla was outside, now it's inside

    Business 15 13:21

  • Pace demos set-top box with 20 gig hard drive

    It's going to know all about your habits, but it probably won't let on...

    Business 15 14:01

  • Sharky Extreme falls into Internet.com's clutches

    Willingly, of course

    Business 15 14:06

  • Official: Win2k to RTM today – announcement 5pm GMT

    Redmond prepares for the Pushing Big Red Button ceremony

    Business 15 14:10

  • More Big Q money goes to Taiwan

    Compaq caught not following Dell's every move

    Business 15 14:39

  • HP Powerpoint present a curse in disguise

    Cunning missile downs Vulture Numero Duo...

    Business 15 15:11

  • Bluntmen hack SimCity to promote the wicked weed

    Why was SimCity hit? Pot luck, really...

    Business 15 15:12

  • AMD uses nut to crack sledgehammer

    Jobs galore for Athlon successor

    Business 15 15:25

  • AMI2 offers up latest PCB reference

    DRAM group promotes easy to use PC2100 guide

    Business 15 15:29

  • Intel will sample 800MHz Pentium IIIs next Monday

    Marchitecture is a taste of things to come

    Business 15 15:59

  • Bleem to countersue Sony

    Alleges unfair competition, bad faith, tons of other evil stuff

    Business 15 16:31