14th December 1999 Archive

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  • Post Seattle, net tax wrangles continue

    And it's likely to get worse before it gets better...

    Business 14 09:37

  • US encryption relaxation a bit slow

    Too little, too late?

    Business 14 09:39

  • Sugar advertises for ‘Unrewarded Internet Entrepreneur’

    ...to work on Viglen-owned e-businesses

    Business 14 09:39

  • MS shops around for Win2k web stats

    But how come the MS sites aren't all running the beta as well?

    Business 14 09:40

  • Palm IPO to raise $100 million

    Nokia, AOL and Motorola to take stakes too

    Business 14 11:33

  • id Software's Carmack calls for OpenGL watchdog

    Time to get those drivers fixed, says Quake developer

    Business 14 12:16

  • Quantum Fireball claims get flamed

    The world's quietest drive is given the silent treatment

    Business 14 12:33

  • NASDAQ stocks to list in Hong Kong

    Marketing move, not a bid for global domination

    Business 14 12:40

  • HP puts final storage slabs in place

    Now ready to compete with all comers

    Business 14 12:42

  • NetWare Cobra upgrade to ship January

    Neatly in line with Windows 2000...

    Business 14 12:42

  • DVD crack won't delay DVD Audio rollout after all

    Pioneer to launch DVD Audio player anyway

    Business 14 12:45

  • Intel moves 800MHz Coppermine launch forward

    And the 750MHz part it planned for next month

    Business 14 13:09

  • Japanese trio unveil MP3-on-cellphone system

    Chuck out that Rio -- use your mobile phone instead

    Business 14 13:10

  • 08004u –- down but not out

    Relaunch scheduled for Wednesday

    Business 14 13:21

  • Korean IT sector has a bumper 1999

    Chips and screens in big demand

    Business 14 13:36

  • Home worker sues IT companies

    Poor pay, long hours, hazardous conditions at heart of claim

    Business 14 13:41