13th December 1999 Archive

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  • Day traders get stiff warning

    FSA cautions over get rich quick dreams

    Business 13 07:29

  • Students become millionaires in their spare time

    You can buy a lot of Pot Noodles with that sort of moolah

    Business 13 07:37

  • Time, Carphone Warehouse, others get slapped wrists

    Dodgy claims and broken promises - yes it's the ASA round-up

    Business 13 08:02

  • Lebanon bans Intel Inside

    AMD, Via set to prosper

    Business 13 08:48

  • SCO crosses Microsoft's Maginot line

    Claims Redmond was looking the other way...

    Business 13 09:03

  • Intel confirms Coppermine price change details

    But they ain't much, ain't much at all

    Business 13 09:39

  • Washington tech summit urges Net education

    Tom blows his stack over the impending Digital Utopia

    Business 13 09:58

  • MS Anytime, Anywhere scheme promotes class warfare

    State school demands pupils buy £1300 laptops

    Business 13 11:38

  • Apple culls UK marketing team

    Operations to be centralised in Paris

    Business 13 12:02

  • TurboLinux, NEC sign technology partnership

    Team up on customer support, server hardware optimisation

    Business 13 12:33

  • Softbank to launch digital music operation

    eS! Music will heavily undercut rivals on price

    Business 13 12:54

  • Crunch time for 08004u

    If it can't resolve its problems today, the game's up

    Business 13 12:57

  • Compaq, API announce Alpha cash-plunge

    A tale of two chippies -- IA-64 and Alpha

    Business 13 13:00

  • Iridium wins $20m investment

    To tide it over to Craig McCaw saves it, presumably...

    Business 13 13:19

  • Bill Gates domain ‘for sale’ at £2m

    The hell it is...

    Business 13 13:24

  • ZD poison pill blocks dismemberment opportunities

    Updated (again) ZDPaper will revive under new leadership, insider reckons...

    Business 13 13:29

  • BT to ‘freshen image’ with logo revamp

    Who pays the piper

    Business 13 13:35

  • Coppermine notebooks: trickle starts

    But it won't be a treat for a while

    Business 13 13:53

  • Wanted: MS spin-doctors to spin Linux to press, OEMs

    At last, MS is developing a Linux strategy. But it's just a marketing one...

    Business 13 14:34

  • Aureal defeats Creative patent infringement case

    Appeals and countersuits should keep the pair at each other's throats for a while...

    Business 13 15:34

  • Telewest to offer unlimited Net access

    Only £10 per month, but you must be an existing customer

    Business 13 15:41

  • China on Taiwan's mind

    And Taiwan still very much on China's mind

    Business 13 16:20

  • US Web/CKS buy makes $14bn monster

    You can make money designing websites

    Business 13 16:40

  • Compaq avoids IA-64 question in Alpha push

    A tale of two chips

    Business 13 16:54

  • Q exex fail to rock at Rock Circus

    Corporate fancy dress do only produces six fancy dresses

    Business 13 17:12

  • Transmeta Crusoe 'cool hardware and software for mobile applications'

    Gentle readers: spell it out next time

    Business 13 17:44

  • IT majors address viruses in email – to us

    The Register's viruses received per day count soars...

    Business 13 17:48