10th December 1999 Archive

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  • Big Q found in Small Magellanic Cloud

    They bought The Reg, now God's on their side

    Business 10 09:43

  • Sun hits back at Gartner report

    Problems completely taken out of context

    Business 10 10:43

  • Sony to become 'web department store'

    Getting into e-banking too

    Business 10 11:05

  • Quebec menaces Sony and Nintendo over bad languages

    If it ain't in French, it ain't legal, mes amis...

    Business 10 11:12

  • Dell sells 600MHz PIII system for $103,324

    A pretty healthy margin, innit?

    Business 10 11:22

  • Intel making 800MHz-capable Pentium IIIs

    Has it shipped or hasn't it? Both, says confused Chipzilla techie

    Business 10 12:03

  • IPO makes VA Linux instant $10bn company

    But one can't help starting to wonder why...

    Business 10 12:18

  • Site News Register Sherlock plug-in updated

    Download your MacOS enhancer now

    Business 10 13:04

  • Argos shuts website in run-up to Xmas

    From ho, ho, ho to no, no, no

    Business 10 13:35

  • Second free call trial kicks off at X-Stream

    First come, first served though -- so don't expect miracles

    Business 10 13:37

  • Eudora Pro for free – but with built-in adverts

    Sit still too long in this business and somebody will sell space on you...

    Business 10 13:41

  • KPN beats France Telecom to E-Plus Mobilfunk

    Another episode in the everyday tale of Euro wireless wars...

    Business 10 13:48

  • Chip sales hit four-year high

    Growth spurred on by mobile devices and the Net

    Business 10 13:54

  • Does MS care about WinCE, or is the browser the platform?

    If it's the mobile market, we're OS-agnostic, apparently...

    Business 10 15:46

  • UK PC makers throw weight behind Athlon 750

    Gamers rushing to buy PCs with latest AMD chip

    Business 10 16:31

  • Coppermine gets Voodoo curse

    Vevers appear on die

    Business 10 17:02

  • BBC Watchdog takes machete to Jungle

    Dozens of complaints trickle in

    Business 10 17:42