9th December 1999 Archive

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  • iBook tops US October sales charts

    But iMac crowded out by sub-$600 Wintel boxes

    Business 09 02:44

  • How Intel tried to make distie hire a brickie

    Only accredited cowboys may apply

    Business 09 08:47

  • Intel fine tweaks Pentium III prices

    But Chipzilla will use a wrench on January 23

    Business 09 09:00

  • HP forced to recall fibre channel adaptors

    It's not just Sun that's got bovver from customers

    Business 09 09:11

  • Rambus Ink confirms big game deal

    When we say buy, the share price falls...

    Business 09 09:33

  • Police plot mass dawn raid in child porn clamp-down

    Twenty forces involved

    Business 09 12:04

  • Hypochondriacs flock to NHS health site

    18-month waiting list... (not really)

    Business 09 12:08

  • Dell last domino to fall to AMD Athlon?

    The rumours are running the rounds

    Business 09 13:04

  • Sun, Microsoft and the standards wars

    Sun's Java move is just the latest in a long sequence of twists and turns

    Business 09 13:18

  • Apple Japan Fair Trade probe – details emerge

    It's definitely a price-fixing charge

    Business 09 13:21

  • Toshiba to release MP3 player on Xmas Day

    DiGo only to be sold via Net

    Business 09 13:37

  • E&Y touts for Billion pound incubatees

    Wanted: exceptional candidates with very refined products

    Business 09 13:49

  • Toshiba's Chinese plans put pressure on Taiwan firms

    Island government could ease local restrictions

    Business 09 13:50

  • Taiwan chip power house doubles sales

    Semi industry bouncing back on island

    Business 09 13:54

  • Music biz sues Napster

    MP3 sharing software encourages piracy, industry body alleges

    Business 09 14:14

  • Oh no! It's Intel FDIV time again!

    Floating point errors back from the dead to haunt Chipzilla

    Business 09 14:20

  • Alta Vista launches Euro search engines

    Germany, Sweden and Britain

    Business 09 14:27

  • Azlan plays e-commerce card

    Expects resellers to talk turkey

    Business 09 14:45

  • MemCorp preps MP3-Go launch, raises new money

    Internet appliances are its new bag

    Business 09 14:54

  • Child sex Disney exec ‘admitted offence’

    says Infoseek CEO, in evidence

    Business 09 15:19

  • Beer Barter System overcomes Y2K drought

    Two kegs are not enough

    Business 09 15:59

  • Govt gives voice to Net for the blind

    ...and ups apparatchik head count with New Media Team

    Business 09 16:45

  • QXL buys Norwegian auction site

    £13.2m -- going, going, gone

    Business 09 16:50

  • Microsoft names and shames Net pirates

    Counterfeiters scuppered

    Business 09 16:53

  • VA Linux Systems nets $132m in first hours of trading

    Linux stocks on the up

    Business 09 16:54

  • November round up: DRAM prices on the slide

    No pick up expected until January

    Business 09 17:05

  • Be to bundle Opera Web browser

    Software coming to BeOS and Stinger info appliance 'BeOS Lite'

    Business 09 17:31

  • Computers are ‘better than sex and chips’

    Microsoft survey confirms Brits lousy lay stereotype

    Business 09 17:34