8th December 1999 Archive

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  • NT scales C2 security heights – but what about Win2k?

    Long term, the NCSC criteria are challenges the company can't rise to

    Business 08 10:25

  • IBM, Samsung square up for Compaq Alpha contract

    And Samsung's getting into the Athlon mobo biz, too

    Business 08 11:30

  • Cobalt clinches French educational server appliance deal

    Qube adopted by France Telecom for schools programme

    Business 08 11:34

  • HP claims it will trash competitors on IA-64

    But how compatible is its binary compatibility?

    Business 08 11:49

  • IDC names Hyundai top DRAM vendor, over Samsung

    Former number one (now number three), Samsung very cross

    Business 08 11:51

  • Karmas combine into single $1bn business

    There can be only one...

    Business 08 11:57

  • Tiny trims Web site

    We offer online sales, not an 'experience', says Tiny exec

    Business 08 12:06

  • BT dodges flak with unmetered move

    Misses out on a savaging from MPs

    Business 08 12:16

  • 08004u resurfaces -– crikey

    We kid you not, it's back in action

    Business 08 12:19

  • Michael Dell nets $232m in share sale

    Only 1.5 per cent of his holding in company

    Business 08 12:52

  • HP, Casio, Philips sued over PDA patent

    Khyber thinks it has them in a pass

    Business 08 15:40

  • Merced-Itanium PCs expected October 2000

    Well, Intel did say the second half of next year

    Business 08 16:12

  • Further memory problems dog Caminogate

    Memory...is made of this

    Business 08 16:27

  • Gates on media: ‘I have a stream’

    MS to be great enabler, apparently...

    Business 08 16:40

  • MS scores Ericsson deal over wireless browser, BackOffice

    But check the fine print - it's more a move against Nokia than Symbian

    Business 08 18:58

  • MS COO defends ‘right to innovate’

    And he's very disappointed about the judge...

    Business 08 19:02

  • Novell takes pirate to task

    Community service for bulletin board entrepreneur

    Business 08 21:40