7th December 1999 Archive

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  • Ciscom escapes ilion legal action

    Distie's new owner passes peace pipe

    Business 07 07:15

  • GreatXscape intros two hour cut-off

    Another free access ISP moves to curb abuse of the system

    Business 07 07:16

  • Global IT economy threatened by slapdash Taiwanese practices

    Future quake could cost Taiwan fabs tens of billions

    Business 07 09:17

  • Gartner warns of Sun server unreliability

    And claims Sun admits quality issues

    Business 07 10:13

  • US privacy group sues NSA for Echelon info

    Yeah, now we got 'em on the run...

    Business 07 10:19

  • Could Linux IPOs be a better bet than Web ones?

    The money flowing into Linux outfits could be more justifiable

    Business 07 10:27

  • And another online channel matchmaker service hits the streets

    This one's called IT-Xchange.com. Soon there'll be more of these services than resellers

    Business 07 10:54

  • Rambus Ink has brilliant future

    Buy now, rake it in later...

    Business 07 11:11

  • DoJ, states file claims against Microsoft

    Claim illegal maintenance of monopoly

    Business 07 11:19

  • BT intros unmetered Net access

    This time it's for real, says BT -- honest

    Business 07 11:45

  • 3dfx open sources Glide, Voodoo 2 and 3 specs.

    Original game-oriented 3D API put out to pasture

    Business 07 11:51

  • Fair Trade investigators raid Apple Japan

    Price-fixing allegations under scrutiny

    Business 07 12:26

  • Banks.com auction kicks off with £600K bid

    Only 400K before URL hits reserve price

    Business 07 12:39

  • Still no sign of 08004u Lazarus act

    But when it works...

    Business 07 12:44

  • BMG to launch MP3 sales site in January

    Trial system aimed at Japanese market follows Sony launch this month

    Business 07 13:07

  • Cash Register 1-15 Nov 1999

    Daily Net Finance News

    Business 07 13:22

  • Compaq scraps channel-only volume sales policy

    Same price through Web or through dealer

    Business 07 13:29

  • Intel doles out Itanium prototypes

    Inching towards launch

    Business 07 14:29

  • Westcoast poaches C2000 sales johnny

    Can Cook, Will Cook

    Business 07 14:32

  • Fireball lct – world's quietest desktop HDD

    Quantum shouts it from the highest hills

    Business 07 15:11

  • Samsung to double Rambus production

    Demand high and rising despite Chipzilla's i820 chipset blunder

    Business 07 15:27

  • Smartphones, Palms to dominate mobile market

    WAP, CDMA will to become de facto standards, report reckons

    Business 07 15:48

  • AOL salutes BT flat rate – sort of

    Still double US costs, ISP uncharitably points out

    Business 07 16:55