6th December 1999 Archive

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  • Microsoft exec poo-poos 'Visual J++ dropped' claim

    But he doesn't seem too sure about it

    Business 06 00:02

  • Free Merced simulator posted on Web

    It won't be the Itanic for us until it sails...

    Business 06 08:44

  • Gulag, SMP markets shiver at Coppermine Stutterbug

    Emission critical markets might stop to think twice

    Business 06 09:26

  • HP millionaire competition fails to live up to its name

    You win some, you lose some, but you've gotta be in to win...

    Business 06 09:40

  • WTO: Everything you need to know about the Battle in Seattle

    All the deals the software companies didn't clinch after all...

    Business 06 09:42

  • MS and OpenGL: supporting it to death?

    Microsoft denies it's dropping OpenGL support; nevertheless, all roads seem to lead to DirectX

    Business 06 09:45

  • Seven Dramurai dwindle as PC-133 hopes kindle

    Maybe the RIMMs will have it if the price is right

    Business 06 11:48

  • MS Win2k-based consumer OS rides again as Millennium fades

    Windows roadmap loops back a year after Win9x-based excursion

    Business 06 11:52

  • Court approves latest stage of McCaw's ICO ‘rescue’

    $350m more to be pumped into ailing satellite company

    Business 06 12:05

  • MS trial: what the DoJ is likely to demand

    Later today the DoJ will offer its views on Findings of Law

    Business 06 12:08

  • Big Blue goes back to school with $1m scheme

    Funds IT take up in 50 UK schools

    Business 06 12:14

  • Web-based shopping set for massive UK growth

    Research claims traditional retailers will lose out online

    Business 06 12:22

  • AMD-Intel price war: hard figures emerge

    Site shows K7 the Storming Norman so far

    Business 06 12:57

  • Hacker apologises to Infineon

    Press release denounces Register story

    Business 06 13:13

  • Oftel helps you leave BT

    Just one click and you can find yourself an alternative telco

    Business 06 13:51

  • Dell extends Linux install offer to servers

    Strengthens deal with Red Hat

    Business 06 14:17

  • Pete Sherriff reads Computer Weakly

    We've told him to keep his vices at home

    Business 06 14:46

  • Pets.com barks up British tree

    Get your woofing dog off me

    Business 06 15:27

  • Mac clone kill-off worst business move ever claims book

    What's this guy on?

    Business 06 15:33

  • FCUK off to a flying start in URL battle

    Updated: clothes chain cybersquatting gambit backfires

    Business 06 15:59

  • Security alert for CallNet users

    Someone's after your password and account details

    Business 06 17:43

  • Hammer claws free from 4Front

    Puts distribution (name) into storage

    Business 06 22:04