3rd December 1999 Archive

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  • Hong Kong to build techno town

    New town to provide base for IT start ups

    Business 03 09:08

  • New chiefs for old at Palm

    You can't beat a boardroom shuffle

    Business 03 09:10

  • High spec games PC outfit to ship Red Hat

    In response to customer demand, says GamePC

    Business 03 10:50

  • We know where you surfed last night – cookies and privacy

    That Man Smith takes aim at the use of cookies in email

    Business 03 10:51

  • Round one to Amazon in 1-Click fight

    Barnesandnoble slapped with injunction

    Business 03 10:53

  • DoJ appoints financial remedies advisor

    M & A specialist firm gets upside down gig

    Business 03 10:57

  • Toshiba gets China syndrome

    New factory near Shanghai to open next year

    Business 03 11:36

  • DVD Video crack delays DVD Audio roll-out

    Music biz all in a dither over DeCSS

    Business 03 12:02

  • C2000 sees Web sales triple

    Hurrah, doubles all round then

    Business 03 12:03

  • InterX: from distie to Net VC vehicle?

    We think it stacks up

    Business 03 12:04

  • Microsoft drops J++ for XML-based alternative

    But where is Cool?

    Business 03 12:25

  • Infineon claims hacked chip code poses no security risk

    Your Geldkarte is safe, apparently...

    Business 03 12:25

  • ZD pre-announces Gateway Athlon

    So that's alright then...

    Business 03 12:38

  • Big Q sells its three millionth server

    Big yawn, say rival PC vendors

    Business 03 13:05

  • AMD likely to beat Intel, Alpha to 1GHz punch

    Another coup for the smaller contender

    Business 03 13:18

  • Teleworking will destroy society

    OECD report claims

    Business 03 14:15

  • Freeserve deal lets SMS Genie out of the bottle

    Updated: links to free SMS providers

    Business 03 15:06

  • Pentium III-800 benchmarks pop on Web

    It's overclocked, of course

    Business 03 15:36

  • MS reorg downscales Millennium as focus shifts to CE

    Consumer Windows Division falls to Allchin, Cole shifts to Belluzzo's Group

    Business 03 16:47

  • Israeli lawyer mounts $120m Y2k suit against MS

    Doesn't know where to put his free Y2k fix CD, apparently...

    Business 03 17:01