2nd December 1999 Archive

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  • Ingram late filing accounts

    No big deal, says distie, we're working on 'em now

    Business 02 08:19

  • Fujitsu Siemens hands over server manufacturing

    Second major outsourcing announcement in recent weeks

    Business 02 08:20

  • Coppermine bug a marchitectural disaster

    Intel yields are the Coppermine issue

    Business 02 09:31

  • HP hopping mad at Merced-partner Intel

    It's not the only major vendor that's cross

    Business 02 10:04

  • Faces will go red over digital signature crack

    So much for secure European Union transactions

    Business 02 10:28

  • AOL plans mobile phone instant messenger

    Tegic purchase signposts next expansion area

    Business 02 11:27

  • Fujitsu Siemens goes gunning for HP, IBM

    Sends message to channel -– we're on your side

    Business 02 11:30

  • Smutty emailers sacked at New York Times

    Was Big Brother watching, or did someone snitch?

    Business 02 12:14

  • Non-Intel Processor Serial Numbers around for 20 years

    We're all doomed

    Business 02 12:19

  • Sony steps on gas to get Palm-based products out quickly

    We want to ship soon as possible in 2000, says company exec

    Business 02 12:31

  • Pentium III found on chick's navel

    Is there no end to Chipzilla's winning ways?

    Business 02 12:54

  • Nortel allies with France's Cegetel on wireless Web

    3G system to begin testing next year

    Business 02 13:08

  • Motorola slims chip transistors to quarter of current size

    Faster, smaller, cooler CPUs to follow -- hurrah!

    Business 02 13:12

  • Big bucks URL is the business(.com)

    Address sold for $7.5m

    Business 02 13:32

  • Sony to sell digital music online before Christmas

    Japan-only site to go live 22 December

    Business 02 14:09

  • Amazon denies misleading discount claims

    Book RRPs left unchanged on site for up to ten weeks

    Business 02 14:17

  • Apple drops Yikes mobo for Sawtooth

    And upgrades graphics to Rage 128 Pro

    Business 02 14:38

  • UK Apple Expo 2000 is toast – official

    Organiser to break news to exhibitors this week

    Business 02 15:14

  • Why worry about the death of Apple Expo?

    If past UK shows are anything to go by, it's good news

    Business 02 16:07

  • TV brings email to the masses

    World CallNet to push sub-£200 sets

    Business 02 16:36

  • Computers are bad for your health

    Latest research is a load of old Tosh

    Business 02 16:48

  • Another OEM win for Flextronics

    Never heard of them? You have now…

    Business 02 17:20

  • CallNet to re-open registration site

    Floodgates open, crowds pour in -- it won't be a pretty sight

    Business 02 17:32

  • Power supply fault prompts Psion warning

    Series 7 owners alerted to potential problem

    Business 02 17:45