1st December 1999 Archive

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  • Tongue-in-cheek Y2k coverage

    We're taking this very seriously, honest…

    Business 01 08:29

  • The global guide to Y2K survival

    Koreans run to the hills, Kiwis light up a Bar-B -- each to their own

    Business 01 08:31

  • Bill Clinton offers on-line shopping tips

    Gigolo-in-Chief bonking Martha Stewart now?

    Business 01 10:12

  • City Connections MD pulls our leg

    Head of new ISP is a real scream

    Business 01 11:00

  • 815 comes alive with PC-133 support

    Leaked chart shows Intel serious about i810e complaints

    Business 01 11:07

  • Is this the Future? PwC's Team of Champions

    What's the secret of a successful e-business launch?

    Business 01 11:13

  • Be preps BeOS-in-Windows ‘Trojan Horse’

    Trial version coming soon, says CEO Gassee

    Business 01 11:34

  • Apple stock passes $100 milestone

    Wall Street anticipates further rises

    Business 01 11:53

  • Hacks at Register demand Yule freebies

    Eighteen cans of London Pride not good enough

    Business 01 11:54

  • Information Highway cripples roads

    Digging for IP victory

    Business 01 12:47

  • Work stopped at Microworkz?

    It's closed, says founder.

    Business 01 12:52

  • Cyber anarchists fail to rock City

    No sign of anti-capitalism hack attacks

    Business 01 13:01

  • Silence reigns as MS mediation talks begin

    The spinmeisters that didn't bark...

    Business 01 13:02

  • Corel chief denies Red Hat takeover bid

    Cowpland happily looks forward to good times coming

    Business 01 13:04

  • DRAM spot price slide continues

    30-day average falls for fourth week in a row

    Business 01 13:12

  • WAP demand to hit warp ten claim supporters

    Demand for WAP handset "unprecedented", says Nokia boss

    Business 01 13:32

  • Microsoft officially joins Bluetooth alliance

    With 3Com, Lucent and Motorola in tow. Why's Motorola always late for these things?

    Business 01 13:59

  • Online porn to be pulled off the Web?

    Canadian Net firm plans porno ghetto

    Business 01 14:25

  • Siemens German digital signature chip hacked

    Major security alert underway

    Business 01 16:19

  • Intel, now Dell acknowledge Coppermine bug

    Erratum to be fixed in next stepping, tightening procedures

    Business 01 16:45

  • Gateway to start shipping Athlon PCs this week

    Another crack in the all-Intel façade

    Business 01 17:16