30th November 1999 Archive

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  • Cybersquatter targets Toys R Us

    Is this the acceptable face of the practice

    Business 30 08:02

  • Big Blue wants you in the Lotus position

    Recruitment drive takes the fight to its software rivals

    Business 30 08:04

  • Red Hat aiming to buy Corel Linux rival?

    Scene set for WordPerfect's revenge...

    Business 30 10:02

  • We forgot some Chipzilla blunders…

    ...and not just in 1999

    Business 30 10:15

  • Intel plays hard ball with sports jocks' Knicks

    Puts money where its mouth is, into Choice Seats

    Business 30 10:35

  • Jobs slashed at Kalamazoo

    Cost cutting exercise takes toll on head count

    Business 30 11:02

  • IBM and Olympus demo wearable PC – again

    Showing them's easier than building and selling them, apparently...

    Business 30 11:48

  • CHS hit by foreclosure action

    Failed buyout leads to claim for $42m

    Business 30 12:32

  • AMD: Pete Sherriff a very young man – official

    The hell he is

    Business 30 12:57

  • French implant chips in Parisian trees

    Chip off the old block?

    Business 30 13:35

  • Storage tech boffins to demo 140GB ‘CD-ROM’

    And it's see-through, too

    Business 30 13:35

  • eMachines snaps up, buries Free-PC

    The free PC vendor cull starts here

    Business 30 13:50

  • Egg cracks on security gaffe

    Didn't think sending credit card details by plain email was un safe, admits online bank

    Business 30 13:58

  • Global Crossing, Microsoft sign Asian fibre net JV deal

    MS takes 3.5 per cent of $4bn operation

    Business 30 14:08

  • AMD to launch K6-III/500 in December

    It won't be copper, but will coincide with Intel CuMine price cuts

    Business 30 15:36

  • Oftel green lights telco access to BT's local loop

    Another BT monopoly ended -- or will be by 2001

    Business 30 15:39

  • AMD share price soars, Intel relaxes…

    Gateway is a maybe go-go, at the high end

    Business 30 15:50

  • Flame Of The Week Full coverage


    Business 30 15:52

  • Dell gets in on the cheap WebPC idea

    We wish you a merr-e-Christmas

    Business 30 16:44

  • The legend of Samson and Delilah… sort of

    The Modern English translation of Judges 16

    Business 30 16:45

  • TSMC-Acer to boost output by 40pc

    $200m investment to push production in 2000

    Business 30 17:19

  • HP journeys up the Amazon

    Amazon beefs up HP reseller status

    Business 30 17:24

  • Cybersquatting gets the thumbs up

    We've decided it's actually a marvellous idea: power to the people

    Business 30 17:30