29th November 1999 Archive

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  • Ideal to split from parent group

    InterX to concentrate on Internet side of business

    Business 29 07:53

  • AMD intros 750MHz Athlon, 533MHz K6-2

    Gigahertz secret weapon reserved for AD 2000

    Business 29 08:08

  • Consumers reject clothes shopping online

    So what does this mean for Boo.com?

    Business 29 11:37

  • Show me the money, Register tells ISP

    We're not above bribery –- if it's in a good cause

    Business 29 11:51

  • Evesham, other UK vendors, intro 750MHz Athlon kit

    Problem with high end Pentium availability...

    Business 29 12:03

  • Hopeless: M&S dips toe into e-commerce water

    Plans one-year trial from non-existent store

    Business 29 12:04

  • Confusion reigns over Mannesmann bid

    Just how are much is Vodafone offering Herr Esser?

    Business 29 12:26

  • PalmPilot accessory to credit card theft

    Shop assistant used her Palm for fraud, New York police allege

    Business 29 12:43

  • 1999: Annus Horribilis for Chipzilla

    How does it feel about AMD tweaking its nose?

    Business 29 12:52

  • Freeserve books deal with WH Smith

    ...remainders Bol?

    Business 29 13:09

  • Oracle reseller Fulcrum snapped up

    Chicago based ebiz firm gets UK presence

    Business 29 13:10

  • GreatXscape caps off-peak free Net access

    So, what's your USP now?

    Business 29 13:12

  • Infobank sells cash-cow in MBO

    Software reseller sold to management for £6.25m

    Business 29 14:03

  • BBC demands URL from Canadian IT club

    Lawyers sent in to snatch bbc.org

    Business 29 14:15

  • Intel aims for mobo, processor FUD

    No user serviceable parts inside - Seattle do nicely

    Business 29 14:32

  • Japanese mobile comms co. moots MP3-by-cellphone kit

    DoCoMo' better blues?

    Business 29 14:35

  • Rambus RIMMs ready for receptive Intel slots

    The 12th of December is the magic day, allegedly

    Business 29 15:13

  • Intel PSN no threat to personal freedom

    The Hell it isn't

    Business 29 15:34

  • GreatXscape changes its mind about capping Net access

    It's all been a terrible mistake – you ain't kidding

    Business 29 16:25

  • Cyberstalking gets scary

    It's on the increase and no longer a case of annoying emails

    Business 29 16:29

  • 3dfx works its Voodoo on Mac users

    OpenGL support,faster PCI board

    Business 29 16:35

  • Intel confirms 12 December price cuts

    This is not a knee jerk reaction

    Business 29 17:23

  • Oftel wimps out, again

    Sit, shut up, roll over – good watchdog

    Business 29 17:56

  • MS quietly dumps Windows OpenGL support

    Joint programme with SGI to define future of graphics ends in tears

    Business 29 18:30

  • CHS quizzed over money laundering claims

    US SEC opens investigation, offers $25m settlement

    Business 29 19:40