26th November 1999 Archive

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  • Even the EU thinks BT is a rip-off

    Latest report recommends price ceilings for leased lines

    Business 26 08:38

  • Cancer investigation at NatSemi plant

    Staff to have health checked by HSE

    Business 26 09:09

  • eBay in Nazi memorabilia row

    Refuses to ban sale of WWII trophies

    Business 26 09:09

  • Toshiba gives disties reseller status

    Giant IT vendor in "we've only got one contract" shocker...

    Business 26 11:19

  • Internet complaints shoot up

    News that isn't news: Luddites moan

    Business 26 11:30

  • Don't trust foreign Web sites, Americans warned

    A sad tale of xenophobia and killer cheeses

    Business 26 11:31

  • US shopping mall bans the Net

    Don't even mention the evil e-commerce

    Business 26 11:37

  • NEC, Hitachi to merge DRAM operations

    Design and development coming together first, then marketing and manufacture

    Business 26 11:52

  • MS mediation headed for tough talks

    But we're under the gun here, apparently...

    Business 26 12:20

  • The Register climbs into bed with IT Network

    It's a content agreement kind of thing

    Business 26 12:49

  • Memory Plus gets new head, plans online sales

    MemCorp division prepares for next stage growth

    Business 26 12:54

  • City faces up to hack attack

    Anarchist groups threaten banking sector

    Business 26 13:08

  • MS pushes ‘no net taxes’ message for Seattle WTO

    But as protesters gather, it looks like the meet will end in tears

    Business 26 13:44

  • WildTangent to simplify DirectX game creation

    Makes cross-platform work easier too, apparently

    Business 26 13:47

  • Cross my Palm with Sony

    Roll up! Roll up! It's Sony vs Microsoft, round one

    Business 26 13:51

  • PlayStation 2 much better than Dreamcast, says extremely biased man

    Eidos CEO damns console that he doesn't write games for

    Business 26 14:40

  • CallNet boasts big numbers in spite of problems

    But no end in sight for backlog of subscribers waiting to join the service

    Business 26 14:56

  • Intel to intro Cumine 750MHz Pentium III Jan 10th

    800MHz late Q1 and a host of flip chip Coppermines

    Business 26 15:35

  • Athlon 750 found on Compaq site

    Big Q tries to hide premature ad behind Thanksgiving turkey

    Business 26 15:48

  • Dixons chins AOL over ‘too dear’ remarks

    Get your facts straight, high street giant says

    Business 26 16:02

  • Copying students targeted by Web

    We know where you nicked your stories...

    Business 26 16:03