25th November 1999 Archive

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  • Gates email rallies troops to target congress candidates

    Political Action Committee channels money to candidates 'sensitive to IT issues'

    Business 25 05:53

  • Intel loses big industry face to AMD over Coppermine

    Chipzilla's .18 blue moon is made of cheese

    Business 25 09:04

  • AMD wins major battle in Intel price war

    Verdigrisgate: we will fight them on the silicon beaches

    Business 25 09:18

  • PalmOS extends lead over WinCE – just

    But Casio, for one, is growing much faster, claims US research

    Business 25 11:42

  • 08004u in relaunch bid

    Shuts up shop ahead of planned revamp

    Business 25 11:58

  • Net exec convicted of child porn offences

    Caught in police sting after trying to meet teenage boy

    Business 25 12:11

  • Kenwood unveils first MP3 hi-fi system

    Digitally-distributed music in your living room

    Business 25 12:14

  • Chipzilla, AOL enter into confusing PC deal

    Making it easier for consumers by not giving away too much information

    Business 25 12:22

  • Fujitsu goes lead free

    Serves up a diet of healthier chips

    Business 25 12:24

  • Pick your own bug squisher

    McAfee opens up choice of anti-virus products

    Business 25 12:26

  • Korea to take 40 per cent of DRAM market

    It's quids in for Hyundai and Samsung

    Business 25 12:27

  • Dell nudges IBM out the way

    Easy PC says the direct seller as Big Blue fails to shift its bulk

    Business 25 12:29

  • Intel pumps $12m into Euro Linux distie

    Is Chipzilla discouraging Linux' AMD support?

    Business 25 12:31

  • Big Blue stock drops after reporting practices slammed

    IBM's sums too tricky for brokers, apparently

    Business 25 12:44

  • Government hacking saga continues

    But this time it's anarchists rather than crazed Tories

    Business 25 12:46

  • The inside story on Alpha and NT

    Retracts restructuring warning

    Business 25 12:50

  • FIC to bundle OpenLinux 2.3 with PCs

    Also intros Via chip set mobos and Rambus 820 mobo

    Business 25 12:56

  • Man acquitted in HP-under-the-bed case

    US reseller not guilty of stashing stolen gear under his bed

    Business 25 13:16

  • Incoming 3dfx CEO has axe and is willing to use it

    If it's necessary to 'clean house' I will, warns Leupp

    Business 25 13:21

  • Visio unveils upgrade 2000

    What to buy for the network manager who has everything

    Business 25 13:54

  • Supermarket price wars: mobiles, the sequel

    But it's all a big game of bluff and value-for-consumer guff

    Business 25 14:43

  • Intel's Vancouver mobo still very slippery

    Is it hard to buy, or has overfishing killed it off?

    Business 25 16:16

  • Nvidia Q3 revenues set record – again

    Company's sales hard on the heels of 3dfx

    Business 25 16:37

  • AOL guns for gay grannies

    Trust us -- it's there in the ads...

    Business 25 17:12