24th November 1999 Archive

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  • Intel trashes huge Gateway rebate scheme

    Oops there goes another kilobuck -- damn

    Business 24 09:49

  • Intel missing from 1394 patent pool, believed lost

    Surprise, surprise

    Business 24 12:31

  • Chinese pledge £75m to turn Shanghai into Silicon Valley

    Hi-tech zone to focus on on Net, e-commerce

    Business 24 12:37

  • AMD patents chip design…

    ...and dabbles with Unix

    Business 24 13:05

  • Novell number up as Schmidt prepares recovery phase three

    Aims to be broadest supplier of Web infrastructure products

    Business 24 13:51

  • Suit trails $30 billion tab for MS Windows ‘over-charging’

    But it'll take a lot more work to make that one stick...

    Business 24 13:56

  • Your daily PC horoscope

    The twelve signs of the PC zodiac

    Business 24 14:06

  • Intel Cape Cod mobo stinks

    Performance a bit fishy

    Business 24 14:52

  • Net user leap on leaked ISP freefone number

    Only costs company 254 quid -- just a cheap publicity stunt, then?

    Business 24 14:52

  • Police to investigate hack attack on Tory bank accounts

    Funding fiasco causes paranoid politicians to rant incoherently

    Business 24 14:56

  • Motorola to demo 780MHz PowerPC G4+

    Outlines participation at February's International Solid-state Circuits conference

    Business 24 15:37

  • HP to intro non-i840 workstations on 13 December

    Oh, and did you know there's Copperhide and Coppermine?

    Business 24 15:52

  • Intel to demo 1GHz IA-32 chip Feb 2000

    As hot as fire, or as cold as ice?

    Business 24 16:03

  • Free! CDs, PCs, books, cars, chairs, whatever…

    But you can only have them for a week, says UK ecommerce minister

    Business 24 17:29

  • Y2K more important to MS than DoJ case, says exec

    Of course, this is the exec who said he'd lose his job if Win2k didn't ship in Q3...

    Business 24 17:37

  • Compaq to take $250m hit against next half-year's profits

    Details once hidden deep in obscure SEC filing, now exposed

    Business 24 17:37

  • Net monitor exposes users' online actions

    Big Brother is watching you surf

    Business 24 17:45

  • Dell site dragged back up after unplanned downtime

    Could have lost the company up to $30m

    Business 24 17:53

  • Fujitsu Siemens launches first post-merger notebooks

    But it was still mostly a Fujitsu show

    Business 24 17:58