23rd November 1999 Archive

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  • New millennium will bring doom and gloom

    Ziggurat smoking is injurious to your health

    Business 23 09:17

  • Mobos for 750MHz .18 micron Athlons easy peasy

    It's a minor change only

    Business 23 10:09

  • compaQ to spend $100 mill marketing Alphas

    It's about time, isn't it?

    Business 23 10:31

  • Database war breaks out between IBM and Oracle

    And you thought peace was declared...

    Business 23 10:55

  • Sex in Silicon Valley

    IT bachelors: rich, busy, socially inept and getting none

    Business 23 11:11

  • Phone box freebies come to East Anglia

    Free calls in return for listening to ads in call boxes

    Business 23 11:15

  • CHS losses unveiled in full

    So much red ink on the balance sheet you'd think the accountant had slit his throat

    Business 23 11:17

  • Mobile phones going underground

    Just don't try it near us...

    Business 23 11:34

  • Big Blue chins channel with direct sales plan

    Web site and telesales will now sell direct to customers

    Business 23 11:36

  • Boffins pave way for 400x rise in CPU transistor count

    Radical transistor design to be unveiled next month

    Business 23 11:54

  • So how good is CallNet 0800?

    Our man Tim goes three rounds with the latest free Net access offering

    Business 23 12:05

  • iBook takes top slot in US retail sales

    But how long will it stay there?

    Business 23 12:31

  • Computer kit grabbed at gun-point

    Thieves disguised as police hijack lorry

    Business 23 13:13

  • Sainsbury's finds the Web

    Last-off-the-blocks board thinks ecommerce is a good idea

    Business 23 13:20

  • Nasdaq de-lists Iridium

    Satellite comms company's recovery still a long way off, then

    Business 23 13:21

  • Dell unveils Blackberry pager

    Takes on Palm, WAP in wireless comms biz

    Business 23 14:09

  • Corel CEO insider trading pre-trial date set

    Cowpland up before the beak on 14 January 2000

    Business 23 14:22

  • Confidential information leaked on Net

    ISP MD denies BT engineer to blame

    Business 23 14:31

  • Caminogate IV – We have no idea what you did last summer

    Be confused, be very confused

    Business 23 14:51

  • Rising chip fab kit sales signal recovery

    Book-to-bill ratio continues to rise

    Business 23 14:51

  • Intel brokers Russian entry into Europe

    They kept that one quiet, didn't they?

    Business 23 16:00

  • CCTV nabs dog-flap cat burglar

    Shock as builder finds Pal is not a Pedigree Chum

    Business 23 16:16

  • Micro$oft besieged by righteous lawyers

    Consumer "advocates" smell green ink in the water

    Business 23 16:17

  • PC security for the masses

    B_Safe will let you, well… be safe

    Business 23 16:20

  • Aureal goes consumer

    Soundcards are "big step" for firm

    Business 23 16:25

  • Net breaks up families

    ...and other scare stories

    Business 23 16:34

  • Intel's Top Ten Laws of the Millennium

    You read them here first

    Business 23 16:51

  • No Athlon from Gateway…officially

    Oh yes there is....unofficially...

    Business 23 16:53

  • More Millennium madness

    Banks liquidise assets and terrorists prepare for D-Day

    Business 23 17:07

  • How much is that ADSL in the window?

    The one with the waggeley tariff

    Business 23 17:12

  • BA computer expert swindles £250,000

    Airline employee enjoyed high flying lifestyle with ill-gotten gains

    Business 23 17:14