22nd November 1999 Archive

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  • Mammoth computer found in closet in Australia

    Boffins think we will see it browse again

    Business 22 08:34

  • AMD piles on Intel pressure with 750MHz Athlon

    With price adjustments to put the boot in...

    Business 22 09:56

  • Who the heck is… Judge Richard Posner?

    And will Judge Jackson's mediator likely to do with Microsoft?

    Business 22 12:04

  • Alpha processor to sashay with chassis

    API's steel case will hold 14 chips

    Business 22 12:09

  • What the heck is… the Chicago School?

    Our Graham has the answer -- and explains its impact on the trial's outcome

    Business 22 12:15

  • Who the heck is… Lawrence Lessig?

    Re-appearing Law Prof no friend of Microsoft, it seems

    Business 22 12:33

  • DRAM tariff war called off

    US and Taiwan reconsider anti-dumping taxes

    Business 22 12:33

  • E-commerce Bill laid out

    Government produces unnervingly good legislation

    Business 22 12:41

  • SMEs fear rising Net costs

    BT research fails to soothe the nerves of worried businesses

    Business 22 12:49

  • Christmas virus will stuff your PC

    Cooks your goose, drives you crackers... insert your favourite pun here...

    Business 22 13:07

  • Schroeder and Blair tussle over Vodafone bid

    Not in my backyard, says German chancellor

    Business 22 13:19

  • RM makes the grade with latest figures

    Schools reseller sees results benefit from government policies

    Business 22 14:27

  • AMD wins must shiver Intel's timbers

    If Gateway falls, will Dell be next?

    Business 22 16:19

  • Tech asset-stripper in line to buy Cray

    Technology acquisition company wanted to spend $100m, now wants to spend much less

    Business 22 16:23

  • Fraudsters hold up e-commerce adoption

    Consumers need reassurance before e-biz becomes e-whizz

    Business 22 16:24

  • Put your Web site up as loan collateral

    Domains now equivalent to real estate

    Business 22 16:29

  • Chinese government disputes Register story

    We are Y2K compliant, says Kim Tschang-sup -- hmmm, says The Register

    Business 22 16:52

  • Outage hits Amazon sites

    Twenty minute blackout takes US & UK offline

    Business 22 17:49