18th November 1999 Archive

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  • Ideal recruits to bolster storage sales

    Cherry-picks product managers from other disties

    Business 18 08:18

  • Why Intel Coppermines are like hen's teeth

    There's not mushroom for doubt about yields

    Business 18 08:20

  • Two more CHS divisions hit the MBO trail

    Ireland & Scandinavia go it alone

    Business 18 08:34

  • Can Egg crack its security worries?

    More allegations that credit card information was unprotected

    Business 18 08:35

  • BT to boost IP network

    POPs to grow from 14 to 103 in next four months

    Business 18 08:36

  • Computacenter founder becomes working class hero

    Donates £25m to fund scholarships to top schools

    Business 18 08:37

  • Novell dips its toe in freeware market

    Still peerless but without its confidence in directory market

    Business 18 08:38

  • Azlan recovers its roar

    Once ailing distie pulls off a profitable quarter

    Business 18 08:47

  • Big Q launches big Alpha super computer

    Is Intel's Tower of Babel starting to topple?

    Business 18 08:52

  • Queen's bank Coutts to fire Bristol, IOM staff

    Voluntary redundancies requested, or else...

    Business 18 10:05

  • Compaq and C&W hop on ASP bandwagon

    $500m deal targets SMEs and major corporates

    Business 18 10:30

  • Calluna teeters on the brink

    Urgent search for buyer or partner

    Business 18 10:35

  • Safe Internet Foundation launches

    Less than it seems

    Business 18 11:02

  • Online banking hits the right note

    Ten million online bankers by next year

    Business 18 12:39

  • Acer goes NatSemi Geode mad…

    ...as predicted

    Business 18 12:39

  • AMD finally trademarks Athlon and own name

    ...and Magic Packet and AMD Athlon Processor

    Business 18 12:53

  • CompuServe Germany boss sees porn conviction overturned

    Battle of Somm ends with successful appeal

    Business 18 13:31

  • Give us two weeks and we'll review anything you want

    IT Network promises content on demand

    Business 18 13:44

  • Spammer scammer gets thrown in slammer

    Brit defrauds Spanish Net users, forgets to cover his tracks

    Business 18 14:26

  • Is Intel RIMMing i820 mobos?

    It's your daily dose of Monty Python's Flying Rambus

    Business 18 16:40

  • Electronics giants, fashion houses bar online discounting

    Rip-off Britain or rip-off World?

    Business 18 17:07