17th November 1999 Archive

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  • Pentium III-800 brought forward to Q1 of next year

    Intel acknowledges depth of Coppermine shortages

    Business 17 08:49

  • Lynx issues warning over distribution

    Talking up a shift toward services

    Business 17 10:53

  • E-biz growth creates 1,000 new ICL jobs

    Pushes global expansion of e-services offering

    Business 17 10:54

  • Intel vs Via. Trumpets sound in battle of Jericho

    How do cross patents save the big boys?

    Business 17 11:17

  • Intel confirms OR840 late…

    ...later this year

    Business 17 12:11

  • Unmetered access gets Oftel's backing

    Give that watchdog a bone

    Business 17 12:13

  • AMD intros EasyNow PC platform

    Easy peasy PC pleasey

    Business 17 12:19

  • Western Digital's Cadaver blamed on chip firm

    ST Microelectronics says it's a fair cop, guv

    Business 17 12:23

  • AOpen hits US with i820 mobos

    All aboard the front side bus

    Business 17 12:55

  • KNS bought by US ASP in £27m deal

    FutureLink looking to set up ASP division on Europe

    Business 17 13:00

  • Egg scrambles user's security

    Offers apology to customer who suffered "isolated" credit card scare

    Business 17 13:16

  • VirtualNet acquires NECX Exchange for £65m

    Electronics professionals get online access to vast inventory

    Business 17 13:19

  • Reed sues MS and Expedia over travel database

    Bust-up over 1998 contract

    Business 17 14:26

  • Targus freebie alarms channel

    Getcher 'ands off my laptop

    Business 17 14:28

  • Caminogate III: i820 Rambus problem still a mystery

    Engineers fail to find root cause of problem

    Business 17 15:40

  • Tony Blair is impotent

    But there's still time...

    Business 17 16:18

  • Anarchists run riot on the Web

    This will be the surprise action that brings capitalism to its knees. Oh no it won't…

    Business 17 16:20

  • US governors face off over Net taxes

    Why shouldn't the poor pay more?

    Business 17 17:49

  • Compaq OEM out of palm-sized market

    Insider says it was never really in

    Business 17 17:53

  • Gov't snoops doggy dog ISPs

    Freedom -- ain't that a George Michael song?

    Business 17 19:09

  • Future Power preps less iMac-like ePower

    Dark grey case and pastel shades will differentiate the two machines, says company

    Business 17 19:54

  • PlayStation 2 apes ancient Atari?

    They certainly look similar...

    Business 17 19:57

  • AMD unveils K6-2 Plus, K6-III Plus mobile CPUs

    Power-saving silicon similar to Chipzilla's SpeedStep

    Business 17 20:03