16th November 1999 Archive

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  • Corel launches Linux into the mainstream

    And it hasn't done a bad job of it

    Business 16 02:11

  • Sony, Palm deal set to expand PalmOS horizons – and then some

    Not just an organiser OS any more

    Business 16 02:13

  • Torvalds confirms Transmeta 19 January 2000 ‘D-Day’

    Finally, a Transmeta rumour comes true

    Business 16 04:31

  • Caminogate III: the fun never starts

    Anything Intel can do, others can do better

    Business 16 09:34

  • Teacher quits in kiddie Net porn scandal

    Pioneer of IT in the classroom faces hearing

    Business 16 09:35

  • HP invents virtual CPU screwdriver

    iCOD really understad dat acronym

    Business 16 10:18

  • Student charged with unlawful 0800 use

    Faces three charges in Court this week

    Business 16 12:25

  • Net ushers in Buckets of Love for by-election

    Politics is a serious business you know

    Business 16 12:42

  • Has HP stolen Big Blue's song?

    The public has a right to know

    Business 16 15:22

  • So why is Intel's Coppermine good?

    We have the sort of definitive answer

    Business 16 15:38

  • Rambus systems roll from Dell

    You want fast, they got 'em fast

    Business 16 15:44

  • Gateway signs deal with UK's largest reseller

    Direct meets indirect as Computacenter takes Gateway to corporate market

    Business 16 16:41

  • Official: Steve Jobs most important man in IT

    More important than Bill Gates, but let's face it, not as rich

    Business 16 16:44

  • Internet doomed to fail, say experts

    Web to be nothing more than sex pics and self-obsessed Americans

    Business 16 16:50

  • Microsoft unveils MSN Web appliance design

    Whole new market gets opportunity to not be interested in Windows CE

    Business 16 18:35

  • Iomega hops onto MP3 bandwagon – again

    Tries to win support for Clik! this time -- but Flash still too popular

    Business 16 18:36

  • Double-speed 1394 silicon due in volume by end Q1 2000

    Way ahead of USB 2.0, yes -- but does that matter?

    Business 16 18:40

  • MS to join Bluetooth in December, without get-out on IP

    No special deals on licence conditions, even for Microsoft, says Ericsson

    Business 16 19:17

  • Be's Stinger OS selected for Nat Semi WebPad

    Be breaks into Internet appliance biz for real -- sort of

    Business 16 19:28