15th November 1999 Archive

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  • Oracle adds support for IBM-SCO IA-64 Monterey

    POWER and IA-64 now 'preferred' Oracle platforms for enterprise Unix

    Business 15 01:49

  • Most corporate IT execs want MS strung up, says survey

    But frankly, the data looks more than a little unconvincing...

    Business 15 01:52

  • New distie is Ideal for Allied Telesyn

    Networking win keeps Ideal in touch with high-end

    Business 15 09:03

  • Wave of Intel mobos set to wash over world+dog

    New coding system clicks into place

    Business 15 09:07

  • C2000 cuts delivery charge from online orders

    Aims to boost online transactions in UK

    Business 15 09:14

  • Computacenter axes Metrologie staff

    TUPE or not TUPE, now that could turn out to be a very interesting question

    Business 15 09:15

  • What celebs really, really want on the Net

    We trawl yet more hidden shallows, so you don't have to

    Business 15 09:28

  • Flower pot men tackle neighbours from hell

    Hi-tech solution to low-tech problem

    Business 15 09:36

  • Hairline cracks show in Compaq re-org

    Q Confidential foot bone not connected to mouth bone

    Business 15 09:59

  • Oftel 'fesses up to unmetered calls debate

    You ain't nothing but a hound dog, lying all the time…

    Business 15 12:20

  • Buy a PC for Christmas and Yule be sorry

    Everything's all tangled up, somehow

    Business 15 12:30

  • BSA breaks chatroom piracy ring

    Squeezes the middlemen until the pips burst

    Business 15 12:41

  • First Merced-Itanium systems get cobbled together

    Silicon's fast but the power's up, buttercup

    Business 15 12:43

  • Mannesmann rejects Vodafone's £64bn bid

    Offer cools relationship, hostile bid expected as a result

    Business 15 12:46

  • Intel reveals details of i820 mobos

    Caminogate III: the spex go up

    Business 15 13:05

  • Click here to spy on your employees

    Just goes to show: all publicity is good publicity

    Business 15 13:52

  • Compaq becomes unwitting imPresario

    Whadda ya mean there's a difference between the Japanese and English alphabet...

    Business 15 15:35

  • No time to loos at easyEverything

    If you need to download a big log file, you're in trouble

    Business 15 15:36

  • There will be a plane crash this Thursday

    The Register extends its prediction skills to aviation

    Business 15 15:37

  • Red Hat to buy Cygnus?

    Acquisition makes plenty of sense

    Business 15 15:50

  • Workers turn to the Web for a little R'n'R

    Surfers make a break for it

    Business 15 15:57

  • Westcom/Pine fined for false soundcard claims

    When is a Yamaha soundcard not a Yamaha soundcard - when it's made by someone else

    Business 15 16:47

  • Red Hat buys Cygnus

    Cygnus acquisition makes plenty of sense

    Business 15 19:38

  • 3dfx launches Voodoo 4 and 5

    But graphics cards' new features require multiple 3D chips

    Business 15 19:42