14th November 1999 Archive

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  • I said the weather was a bummer, you idiot…

    ...not drop the bombs and eject

    Business 14 Nov 10:25

  • AMD, Kryotech cooperate over 1GHz Athlon at Comdex

    Athlon Powers has got his mobo working

    Business 14 Nov 10:37

  • Dabs in super DVD give-away scheme…

    ...or is it just a mistake?

    Business 14 Nov 10:57

  • Al Gore back in hot potato (sp?) Microsoft meet

    MS opens door to press at last minute

    Business 14 Nov 15:11

  • Athlon advert they could never show in Blighty

    Gives you a big shock...

    Business 14 Nov 17:04