12th November 1999 Archive

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  • Compaq Wildfire to debut February 2000

    Platform will eventually scale to 512 CPUs

    Business 12 09:11

  • Flanders Language Valley sails into action

    Foundation will open 10 additional science parks worldwide

    Business 12 10:03

  • AMD future roadmap recalls World War II

    Spitfires and Mustangs buzz over Intel's head

    Business 12 10:59

  • ISPs lash out at BT

    New tariff gets a proper kicking from trade association

    Business 12 11:29

  • ICO wins court approval for McCaw's $150m cash injection

    Merger with Teledesic now even closer

    Business 12 11:40

  • Ingram loses HP Unix contract

    Broadliners too general for this sort of thing, says HP

    Business 12 12:02

  • Streambox converts RealAudio to MP3

    And it's perfectly legit, claims developer

    Business 12 12:11

  • Intel Sabre stab at SMP misses mark

    Corporate customers forced to make compromises

    Business 12 12:19

  • Chip Sage goes for IPO

    Looking to raise $36 million

    Business 12 12:30

  • Amazon could announce a profit any time it wants

    Goldman Sachs has it all figured out

    Business 12 12:35

  • Ding dong Dell, profit growing well

    Another monster quarter, but what about that profit warning?

    Business 12 12:50

  • Two cheers for BT's latest tariff

    UK Net sector shakes head in disbelief

    Business 12 13:15

  • New Year's Eve won't be a gas

    You'll be lucky if you're as snug as a Y2K bug

    Business 12 13:34

  • BT's witch doctors of spin fail to cast a spell on the UK

    PR juju disappears in a cloud of its own steam

    Business 12 14:44

  • NTL to buy its way into mobile market

    More diddley, diddley, diddley annoying tunes from mobile phones no doubt

    Business 12 15:02

  • Fujitsu to cut DRAM production

    Outsourcing becomes flavour of the month

    Business 12 15:11

  • Yahoo! sued in price comparison patent clash

    Apple's Sherlock 2, others could be under threat too

    Business 12 15:12

  • Korean developer ports Linux to Palm

    Embedded marketeers not the first, though

    Business 12 15:16

  • How to moan to the FTC about Intel

    DoJ points the way to FTC folk

    Business 12 15:38

  • 22,000 people and the 08004u security lapse

    Just when you thought it couldn't get worse...oh dear, oh dear, oh dear

    Business 12 15:41

  • Sega moots console hardware exit

    Dreamcast to be company's last console, says chairman

    Business 12 15:47

  • Scotland Vs England game live on the Net

    Sky's the limit - shame about the picture

    Business 12 16:31

  • Oftel holds private meeting with Internet A list

    But it's a secret...so mum's the word

    Business 12 17:01

  • Record sales for Far East chipcos

    For wafer thin read wafer fat

    Business 12 17:17

  • AMD, Intel in shares see-saw

    Up, down, shake it all around, do the Hokey Cokey

    Business 12 17:22

  • Singer Gary Glitter jailed for child net porn

    We don't wanna be in your gang anymore, all right, Gazza?

    Business 12 17:24

  • Film biz delivers legal threat to DeCSS-linking Web sites

    Uses hammer to crack a nut

    Business 12 17:53