11th November 1999 Archive

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  • Nortel raises stakes with open IP

    But rival Cisco hasn't flinched

    Business 11 09:26

  • Women to dominate the Net

    Latest research gives profile of typical female surfer

    Business 11 10:24

  • South African channel giant sees massive profit growth

    Another bumper year for acquisitive Datatec

    Business 11 10:24

  • Online shopping is big

    Even bigger than everyone thought

    Business 11 10:25

  • BT spreads wings with $200m JV

    Sets sights on international Web markets

    Business 11 10:26

  • Millennial round-up: bug fever begins

    It'll all be fine, oh no it won't, oh yes it will

    Business 11 10:27

  • No surrender: Gates draws a line in the sand

    Agreed settlement unlikely - Microsoft unshiftable on key areas

    Business 11 10:43

  • The price of empire: MS' $14bn acquisition spree

    New report follows a 20 year audit trail

    Business 11 11:17

  • Red Hat preps ecommerce oriented Linux upgrade

    Ads Java, journaling file system, Motif and better database support

    Business 11 12:11

  • Transmeta to come out of hiding next January

    And with a notebook-oriented CPU, c't reckons

    Business 11 12:27

  • Teacher’s Net porn conviction upheld

    You can look but don't touch

    Business 11 12:54

  • BT's Bonfield: No free local calls

    Net users need a range of tariffs, it seems

    Business 11 12:56

  • US outlaws cybersquatting

    Ban to be enforced through little-known Satellite Viewers Bill

    Business 11 14:28

  • MSNBC blunders over poll position

    Netscape, Mac users barred from 'future of Microsoft' vote. Curious, no?

    Business 11 14:34

  • Windows2000.com owner sells domain to Microsoft

    Kerstein gets bob.com, 'other considerations' in return

    Business 11 14:39

  • Opening Windows IV: Is the relevant market a dying market?

    Like Microsoft says, the judge's problem will probably go away anyway

    Business 11 15:06

  • Opening Windows III: Would promoting OEMs fix it?

    But how do you decide which OEMs, and what they're allowed to do?

    Business 11 15:13

  • Opening Windows II: DR-Dos and IBM could have been contenders

    But that was then, not now...

    Business 11 15:15

  • If the judge opened Windows source, who'd come?

    Nobody much is interested in fixing his MS problem, these days

    Business 11 15:17

  • Virgin shakes up mobile market with One2One deal

    Claims to offer simplified tariff structure

    Business 11 15:26

  • Compaq targets Web-dazed corporates with iPaq

    Stick an 'i' on the front, tell punters its got Net access, sell buckloads. Sorted

    Business 11 16:05

  • BT's knockers reject flat-rate plans

    AOL, Energis, hit out at new tariff

    Business 11 16:10

  • Buy booze online

    At last! You can only take so many CDs and books

    Business 11 16:14

  • Lord Chancellor's department goes to ground over banned Web site

    Own goal leaves legal eagles' feathers ruffled

    Business 11 16:39

  • 08004u scuppered by 22,000 unauthorised users

    Plans to give every user their own 0800 number

    Business 11 17:07

  • Register channel hits MyNetscape

    Read our headlines in your MyNetscape homepage

    Business 11 17:15

  • Radio Shack to push broadband MSN

    Five year deal with giant of electrical retailing

    Business 11 17:47

  • Expedia IPO suggests there's gold in an MS break-up

    Go figure - if you can sell one bit for this much, how long can you keep the stockholders from wanting more?

    Business 11 19:50

  • Bill speaks on integration, lawyering and Linux

    Stuff from the shareholders' meeting you probably didn't read elsewhere...

    Business 11 19:56

  • No hooplah to Intel Rambus performance, analyst claims

    Intel beleaguered on all fronts (Part 1)

    Business 11 23:00

  • Merced, Pentium patents threatened in $8 billion suit

    Intel beleaguered on all fronts (Part 2)

    Business 11 23:12

  • AMD confirms 750 Athlon a go-go, mentions Register in despatches

    Intel beleaguered on all fronts (Part 3)

    Business 11 23:33