10th November 1999 Archive

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  • 500 Alpha NT jobs to go at Compaq

    DECUS all, the long and the short and the small

    Business 10 08:17

  • Coppermines rise from the channel shallows

    But availability on many troutish parts still poor

    Business 10 10:00

  • GE Cap sheds 200 jobs at ITS

    Former P&P division turns its back on distribution

    Business 10 11:00

  • Gay ISP goes gunning for AOL

    Allegations of unfair treatment levelled at US giant

    Business 10 11:01

  • Fujitsu doubles up on low-end HDD

    20GB now comes as standard

    Business 10 11:31

  • Toaster heralds AST's return to the high street

    Brand with once loyal following resurfaces at Dixons

    Business 10 11:32

  • NEC offshoot to digest Packard Bell's remains

    Japanese giant creates global operation for PCs, servers

    Business 10 11:41

  • Prosecution demands could force MS to open up source code

    States insist that OS monopoly should be broken

    Business 10 12:12

  • DiamondPlus is jewel in Maxtor's crown

    It's a bleedin' Diamond, my new 'ard disc

    Business 10 12:19

  • Sony ties in with Sun to drive CE kit

    Jini and HAVi bring PlayStation 2 based home entertainment networks a step closer

    Business 10 12:33

  • MS joins ASP ranks with Office 2000 rental

    Will compete with channel partners for (so far) invisible market

    Business 10 13:53

  • Poor Luddites to get computer training

    Gordon Brown produces £25m package in Green Budget

    Business 10 13:54

  • CA gang of three to return $550m shares

    Court rules stock giveaway was unlawful

    Business 10 13:55

  • Security hole found at CallNet 0800

    Credit card registration system not safe

    Business 10 13:56

  • BT's U-turn could drive competitors off the road

    New packages do away with interconnect fees, cut off air supply to free ISPs

    Business 10 13:58

  • Apple wiles revealed in QuickTime 4.1 SMIL support

    Allows content creators to build ads into streamed media -- and Apple to sell more Macs

    Business 10 13:58

  • MS to double Cambridge labs with £50m spend

    Building new facility next to university site

    Business 10 14:43

  • Tomb Raider toned down for US market

    Goldfish have longer attention spans than some of you people

    Business 10 15:08

  • Microsoft poised to build Bluetooth support into Windows

    Serious revisions of Bluetooth steering group inevitable

    Business 10 15:57

  • New virus worms its way into your system

    Infection starts as soon as you open your email

    Business 10 17:47

  • Mobile phone gives man stroke

    And watch out you don't get 'phone neck'

    Business 10 17:48