8th November 1999 Archive

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  • Japanese punters get Coppermine trickle treat

    Total of 42 appear in busy Akihabara

    Business 08 08:45

  • Via to intro new Athlon chipset, DDR desktop next week

    Athlon chipset and PC-266 clear attempt to queer Intel's pitch

    Business 08 09:47

  • How fighting piracy helps MS boost Windows sales

    It's remarkable how altruism pays the rent...

    Business 08 10:03

  • Athlon K7 mobo petition gains momentum

    Asks firms to show no fear of...err someone or other

    Business 08 10:33

  • Cash Register Daily Net Finance News: 8-14 Oct


    Business 08 10:37

  • Cash Register Daily Net Finance News: 1-7 Oct


    Business 08 10:38

  • Asus denies Athlon motherboard rumours (apparently)

    Pressure from Intel? Shurely shome mishtake...

    Business 08 10:46

  • Motorola pledges fix for G4 supply problems this quarter

    Apple's demand for PPC7400s will soon be met, apparently

    Business 08 11:08

  • Intel backs down on i740 support

    It pays to complain

    Business 08 11:16

  • Kenwood launches 72x CD unit

    Final fling before DVD becomes standard?

    Business 08 11:27

  • Palm clones set for Q1 2000 UK debut

    Watch out, Palm

    Business 08 11:53

  • Supermarket sweeps recruits off to rival Web sites

    Asda sorts the trolley dollies from the basket cases

    Business 08 11:55

  • Murder hunt searches stalker Web site for clues

    Victim may have been target of cyber-obsessive

    Business 08 12:28

  • Judge: Linux can't break Windows monopoly

    Don't flame him -- if he thought it could it wouldn't be a monopoly...

    Business 08 12:37

  • Motorola sees chips with everything

    Cars, TVs and wireless devices will be backbone of new chip goldmine

    Business 08 12:46

  • Gates donation lowers IT barriers

    Bill & Melinda's fund gives £2.5 million to get UK poor online

    Business 08 12:54

  • C2000 extends credit to former CHS customers

    Smaller resellers hit hardest by collapse of distribution giant

    Business 08 13:03

  • Amazon to take on Dixons

    Haven't you had enough of crap salesmen, asks giant's founder

    Business 08 13:12

  • Link between mobile phones and Alzheimer's – more evidence

    Swedish research finds range of brain disorders triggered by microwaves

    Business 08 13:18

  • 08004u shrugs off legal action

    Doesn't want to pay up for service it considers to be poor...

    Business 08 15:17

  • Latent Linux demand not as big as at first thought

    There's lies, damned lies and channel survey statistics…

    Business 08 15:36

  • Red Hat gets Wide Open with Register

    Intelligent co-operation for the Information Economy

    Business 08 15:37

  • Judge's findings reject MS evidence, back DoJ

    Little or no credence given to Microsoft's evidence

    Business 08 15:46

  • Judge's findings: we reveal the upsides for MS

    There are three - but they're only a bit positive...

    Business 08 15:53

  • Lord Chancellor shuts down scathing Web site

    Careful what you say when mixing with the big boys

    Business 08 16:34

  • Intel's Solano, Amador only a bubble'n'squeak away

    815 is half alive

    Business 08 16:46

  • Apple wins ePower iMac-alike ban

    US District Court Judge reckons consumers will be confused by similar machines

    Business 08 16:59

  • Mail to the chief: cyber with President Clinton tonight

    "Who's yo' Daddy?"

    Business 08 18:52

  • MS stock price blitzed in NY, but Red Hat on the up

    Investors fear wave of ambulance-chasing litigants

    Business 08 18:55

  • The Register MacOS Sherlock Plug-in

    Download to search The Register from your Mac

    Business 08 21:00