6th November 1999 Archive

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  • DoJ 1, Redmond 0 – jubilant critics' want MS broken up

    But Gorton predicts Revenge of the Winni...

    Business 06 08:54

  • Guilty: judge finds MS has monopoly power, and abuses it

    Finds in favour of DoJ on virtually all points

    Business 06 10:03

  • Stunned MS vows to fight on for freedom

    'Integrity, partnership, quality... giving' - (takes out onion)

    Business 06 11:33

  • Intel postpones Celeron cuts as Slot 1 shortage bites

    Supply and demand rules as PC makers demand supplies

    Business 06 12:44

  • What will happen if Microsoft finally loses?

    After the first round, thoughts turn to likely remedies

    Business 06 17:56