5th November 1999 Archive

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  • US finance bill rammed through both chambers of Congress

    NOTICE: you have no privacy

    Business 05 08:37

  • The email of the species is more deadly than the male

    Love's young dream gets burned on the Net

    Business 05 09:16

  • Caldera wins another round in MS antitrust case

    Judge rules case to be answered in three more key areas

    Business 05 09:48

  • Web ads drawing huge investments – analyst

    Now, if they would only start paying off....

    Business 05 11:49

  • Apple Raycer takeover ‘all but done’

    The key lies in Raycer's hush-hush system-on-a-chip work

    Business 05 11:50

  • Tatler awards Foxy Lady Little Black Book accolade

    Lastminute.com founder is hot property

    Business 05 12:32

  • Washington State sues Microworkz

    'We only sell software now,' claims COO

    Business 05 12:39

  • Blind AOL users sue over discrimination

    Courts urged to force AOL to update service

    Business 05 13:18

  • Glasgow thieves target Compaq Armada

    Is this the most desirable laptop in the world

    Business 05 13:23

  • Amazon gets in on the gavel action

    If you don't auction these days, you're a nobody

    Business 05 14:25

  • Taiwan beefs up TFT facilities

    Aims to take 20 per cent of global market

    Business 05 14:26

  • Oftel calls for cheaper Net access

    No can do, say BT; come off it, barks watchdog

    Business 05 14:41

  • DR-Dos is terrific, says MS tester

    Runs everything, far superior to the MS version...

    Business 05 14:53

  • Win95 – is it just Dos 7 plus Windows 4 after all?

    The judge thinks it could be...

    Business 05 14:54

  • How MS played the incompatibility card against DR-DOS

    Real bear-traps, and spurious errors

    Business 05 14:55

  • How much is that Rambus in the window? Woof, woof

    The one with the waggily tale...

    Business 05 14:56

  • Kill Novell! Allchin fingers the real competition

    It might seem strange today, but then, the lad had a point...

    Business 05 14:56

  • Pokemon more desirable than sex and MP3

    And certainly more popular than the joy of CEX

    Business 05 14:57

  • Dos 5 vapourware campaign: 'I am not a crook,' says MS exec

    Reporter insists on believing the wrong (right) stuff

    Business 05 14:57

  • Apple drops British English MacOS

    Mac maker shows its true colors...

    Business 05 15:01

  • Special Caldera case report: Microsoft's smoking pistols

    Compelling evidence underlies the judge's latest rulings

    Business 05 15:02

  • Dell eats into Compaq's European sales

    Growth rate outpaces rest of the pack

    Business 05 15:11

  • UK journo discovers new search engine in head

    Qazy name, qazy concept

    Business 05 15:29

  • AMD Athlons undercut equivalent Pentium IIIs

    There will be no end to this price war soon

    Business 05 18:31