4th November 1999 Archive

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  • Computacenter touts e-commerce for the corporate rich

    Biomni -- isn't that a washing powder?

    Business 04 08:53

  • Oftel takes aim at Vodafone and BT Cellnet

    Not that they've done anything wrong, mind...

    Business 04 09:01

  • CallNet0800 up and running

    But huge signing-on queue

    Business 04 09:05

  • CallNet 0800 lambasts ‘reputable’ journalists

    That's us in the clear, then...

    Business 04 09:10

  • End in sight to Caminogate

    Dr Craig Barrett puts us out of our misery

    Business 04 09:15

  • Windows will soon be obsolete, says MS defender

    He's got to be talking carpentry, right?

    Business 04 09:43

  • MS WTO tax push skips IP, values software at zero

    It's only worth the same as a blank CD, apparently...

    Business 04 09:46

  • Mosel Vitelic CFO steps down in wake of poor figures

    Shares continue to slip and slide

    Business 04 09:48

  • Compaq to offer Tru64 cheap… cheep

    The $99 is other people's royalties

    Business 04 09:57

  • Eicon GPLs Linux ISDN driver

    Comes standard with 2.2 kernel

    Business 04 11:07

  • IPO magic transforms Thomson from dud TV outfit

    After years of gloom, suddenly it's lovable again...

    Business 04 11:08

  • Handspring shipment woes continue

    Web site still having problems processing orders

    Business 04 11:18

  • US boffins develop molecular memory

    Farewell, DRAM?

    Business 04 11:40

  • Compaq to intro legacy free PCs

    Wee free with Win98 SE

    Business 04 12:41

  • Apple stock hits all-time high

    Set to hit Microsoft, IBM level real soon now

    Business 04 12:57

  • Tesco & RBS launch Net bank

    So now you really can have your salary paid direct to the supermarket

    Business 04 12:59

  • Bookworm busted for £100k online book scam

    Wanna get free books, this man shows you how it's done

    Business 04 13:23

  • Carrera intros 1GHz Athlon box

    It's refrigerated, err...thermally accelerated

    Business 04 13:27

  • Intel's Otellini: We've nothing to apologise for over Via, FIC

    But Taiwanese mobo makers are unhappy with i820 debacle

    Business 04 13:36

  • Sun confirms MS Win2k pricing ‘manipulation’

    When is a promotional price not promotional price?

    Business 04 14:30

  • Hague gets bald with Blair over IR35

    Tories jump on the IT consultancy bandwagon

    Business 04 14:36

  • Only five months late for Boo.com launch

    Time to flog some sports kit

    Business 04 14:41

  • Open up and RAM, four memory leaders exhort

    They say: don't buy a new PC, but more memory

    Business 04 14:42

  • It's official: Mobile phones give you diarrhoea

    This one could run and run...

    Business 04 14:58

  • RealNetworks subsidiary's gaffe led to DVD crack

    Hackers break 'unbreakable' DVD encryption

    Business 04 15:16

  • Linux gets massive thumbs-up from UK channel

    Four out of five ready to give it a whirl with their customers

    Business 04 15:23

  • Bishops bash Web pornmongers

    Church of England declares war on cyberfilth

    Business 04 15:34

  • Amazon vs. Amazon case settled

    Amazon.com gets to keep the name, feminist bookstore has a licence to use it

    Business 04 15:43

  • IBM ups PC server price war

    Slashes prices on Netfinity range

    Business 04 15:52

  • Judiciary committee passes US inventor protection bill

    But will it improve the quality of patents? Probably not...

    Business 04 16:09

  • Cash Register Daily Net Finance News: 15-21 Oct


    Business 04 16:53

  • Intel-Inktomi Web cache box runs Sun Solaris

    The twin CPU Web appliance is an appliance Jim, but not as we know it...

    Business 04 17:03

  • All work and no PlayStation – make do with a dull toy

    Sony warns of Christmas shortages

    Business 04 17:03