3rd November 1999 Archive

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  • BT's double act with gov't is more of a double whammy

    You can wipe that smile off your face, it's not big and it's not clever

    Business 03 07:49

  • HP unveils Y2K fly-swatter for channel

    Customers and resellers can sleep easy

    Business 03 07:57

  • High speed links to education get gov't green light

    BT must be tickled pink

    Business 03 07:59

  • October DRAM price round-up

    Prices fall faster than they went up

    Business 03 08:00

  • TurboLinux puts its case on clustering

    Suck it and see, says TurboDoc...

    Business 03 08:50

  • Goldman Sachs talks up ARM stock

    Fuel to the blazing fire

    Business 03 10:22

  • UK gov't dismisses 3G mobile phone stealth tax charge

    Give us £50m now, £500m by Easter and the licence is yours

    Business 03 10:37

  • Nortel promises 5000 new jobs

    Devon and Northern Ireland big beneficiaries

    Business 03 10:58

  • MSN eShop doors closed to IE, Netscape browsers

    Fixed now, but database glitch hits launch

    Business 03 11:07

  • Teledesic raises more cash – but global broadband is still dream

    Satellite of love

    Business 03 11:15

  • Lycos, FAST launch multimedia search engine

    It's good, our Graham says

    Business 03 11:27

  • Contractors: cast aside your IR 35 fears, Paymaster General says

    Treasury publishes open letter on tax changes

    Business 03 11:50

  • Intel chipset volte face will hit Rambus hard

    Amador hammer of the Dramurai

    Business 03 11:55

  • NEC fires 80 per cent of Packard Bell staff

    PB to pull out of retail, senior bosses to go

    Business 03 12:13

  • KMS responds to Intel lawsuit

    And we wonder about Goldsmith-like tactics

    Business 03 12:30

  • Sun packs redundant processors for Web site upgrades

    Neat marketing ploy or blast from the mini-computer past?

    Business 03 13:03

  • BT signs up for world's biggest NDS for NT contract

    90K licences

    Business 03 13:28

  • Action to ditch paper for Net

    Another nail in the coffin for the Post Office

    Business 03 13:37

  • Sun touts pre-launch Solaris 8 for $20

    Early access release

    Business 03 15:00

  • IR35 protesters march on Parliament

    Battle hots up as Commons tries again to push through proposals

    Business 03 15:02

  • Buy UK gov't-approved torture guns on the Web

    This time the Blair Net Project goes too far

    Business 03 15:51

  • Big Q hits back at Gartner Alpha report

    Not credible it will dump EV platforms for IA-64

    Business 03 15:58

  • LinuxOne unveils Linux-on-Windows LinuxLite

    Runs right off a Windows partition

    Business 03 16:01

  • HP pushed Intel down Merced DDR memory route

    Delivered an ultimatum on Rambus-Merced

    Business 03 16:13

  • Japan child porn law comes into force

    Online paedophile haven shut down

    Business 03 16:18

  • MS Halloween Linux report author surfaces at onebox.com

    Not a Linux outfit at all - Web site runs on Solaris

    Business 03 16:19

  • Japanese overclockers turn PIIIs into supercharged tomatoes

    A 450MHz PIII suddenly runs at 750MHz with a 165MHz bus

    Business 03 16:30

  • Cooked Athlon 800MHz, 900MHz up for sale in USA

    But they can't be the real thing,AMD confirms

    Business 03 16:31

  • Chipzilla chops chip

    ... hardly anyone told 450MHz part sent to the chip gulag

    Business 03 18:46