2nd November 1999 Archive

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  • Bug busting book to save UK

    You can burn it to keep warm when civilisation begins to crumble

    Business 02 08:11

  • Santa's gonna surf down yer chimney

    UK online spending boom expected

    Business 02 08:13

  • FIC responds to Intel's legal action

    Yah boo sucks Intel, company appears to be saying

    Business 02 08:58

  • Trade: MS and Boeing get ready to rock with Rocky

    The Seattle giants footing the WTO bill have an all too obvious interest...

    Business 02 09:07

  • FTC should re-open Intel investigation

    Let's clear the air of murky innuendo

    Business 02 09:16

  • Caribbean bookies takes on the world's brokers

    A real example of Internet empowerment -- for better or worse

    Business 02 09:22

  • Karma MBO confirmed

    Chandler at the helm as distie bought out of administration

    Business 02 09:27

  • Win2k smoke and mirrors – how MS is hiking OS prices

    Prices will be in line with NT, but a lot more people will have to buy Win2k...

    Business 02 09:55

  • Bluetooth newsletter migrates to the Web

    Incisor teams up with IT Network

    Business 02 09:57

  • Partisanship kills US e-signatures bill

    Lawmaking as election campaigning...again

    Business 02 11:00

  • Compaq hit with floppy drive lawsuit

    Copycat action alleges faulty drives have been used for years

    Business 02 11:31

  • Via-S3 unite in graphics deal

    What will Intel think of that?

    Business 02 11:44

  • Teledesic's McCaw to bail out ICO

    Paves way for merger

    Business 02 12:02

  • Intel makes a pint of Guinness taste nicer

    Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink

    Business 02 12:15

  • Stac edges back towards profit

    But it's a long while since its 15 minutes of fame...

    Business 02 12:18

  • Palm points to pints

    Heineken add-on helps even the most sozzled Palm user find more beer

    Business 02 12:26

  • Y2K bug snacks on ComputerLand's profits

    Sales slump adds to tale of woe

    Business 02 12:36

  • BT's cheap Net access deal is not so cheap

    This deal is so good you'd be better off with ADSL. Nice one BT

    Business 02 12:53

  • Apple rebuts Dell's claim to education top spot

    It may still be number one, but Apple's own figures aren't inspiring either

    Business 02 12:54

  • SiS to provide backward Socket 370 compatibility

    Upgradeability an option from rival chipset vendor

    Business 02 12:59

  • RealNetworks climbs down and says sorry over CD data

    But how many other companies are just a heartbeat from doing the same thing?

    Business 02 13:17

  • Apple dashes to buy Raycer

    High-end 3D specialist to be bought for IP portfolio -- shades here of Intel's Real3D acquisition?

    Business 02 13:29

  • The quick guide to Register jargon

    Chipzilla, The Big Q, and the rest

    Business 02 13:30

  • Computer controlled houses go on the market

    Switch your heating on via the Web, get chased round the bedroom by your Hoover

    Business 02 13:52

  • Daewoo overhaul sees founder go

    Twelve presidents also resign

    Business 02 14:31

  • CFO's poor show causes IBM demotion

    Sales and support role for the not-so-Maine man

    Business 02 14:32

  • When it rains it pours: Taiwan hit again

    The third major earthquake in just over a month -- IT stocks fall

    Business 02 14:38

  • NEC follows Tosh, Compaq into Texas legal wrangle

    Lawyers from the Lone Star State take on IT giants

    Business 02 14:54

  • Hackers tax the stupid

    What a great idea

    Business 02 16:10

  • UK ISPs play the numbers game

    Who's in and who's out, who's hot and who's not

    Business 02 16:14

  • AMD warns it may take charge for Q4

    Needs more revenues from top-end Athlon line

    Business 02 16:40

  • i820 pushed back to week 48; Amador emerges

    Will PC vendors really sell such a limited mobo?

    Business 02 17:16

  • LinuxOne takes more than a leaf out of Red Hat's book

    Linux activist Rick Moen takes a closer look at the controversial distribution

    Business 02 17:43

  • Amiga US goes silent – has Gateway shut it down?

    Even staffers can't reach senior execs, apparently

    Business 02 17:50

  • US Senator denounces the ‘IT Revolution’

    America is broke, really....

    Business 02 19:09

  • Xerox gunman kills seven

    Suspect surrenders after co-workers executed in warehouse

    Business 02 19:48