1st November 1999 Archive

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  • Clinton fears Orwellian IT future

    Gigolo-in-chief acts to protect medical data

    Business 01 00:06

  • Chipzilla pauses to think about Rambus Ink

    Much internal gnashing and grinding of teeth at Satan Clara

    Business 01 08:07

  • MS Halloween author said to have left for Linux startup

    Come on Vinod, update your Web site - it can't really be a 'blast' to work on proxy server...

    Business 01 10:00

  • Joy of Cex claims Microsoft X Box sneak peak

    There's much less to this than meets the eye

    Business 01 11:00

  • Taiwanese levy swingeing duties on US memory firms

    Micron named as key culprit

    Business 01 11:04

  • Reader claims breakthrough on S370 CuMine compatibility

    Yah booh sucks Intel

    Business 01 11:23

  • Guillemot grabs graphics pioneer Hercules

    Picks up debt-ridden remains for $1.5 million

    Business 01 11:33

  • Ideal appoints new FD

    Lundy takes hot seat as Miesagaes moves on up

    Business 01 11:49

  • Japanese site confirms S370 CuMine delays

    But it has some pictures…

    Business 01 11:49

  • Akamai stock grows 50x on first day of IPO

    Shareholder Apple makes as much money as it did selling Macs

    Business 01 12:09

  • MS steps up congress lobbying in run-up to trial verdict

    Two million postcards shipped to the shareholders

    Business 01 12:12

  • How Dell is really an Intel distributor…

    There's motherboards and there's otherboards

    Business 01 12:15

  • ic24 cherry-picks Virgin Net execs

    Key staff quit to join rival service

    Business 01 12:21

  • Intel thinks we're all animals

    At least we're not vegetables or minerals

    Business 01 12:39

  • Mobile phone boom expected for festive season

    I'm dreaming of an Orange Christmas...

    Business 01 12:50

  • Y2K bug eats Japanese PM's backbone

    'Run away, run away,' cries Y2K ad

    Business 01 13:12

  • UK games sales to top £1bn in 99

    Record growth expected in Q4

    Business 01 13:46

  • Official: Brains are better than computers – but not for long

    Scientists develop better Web search program

    Business 01 13:48

  • BT blamed for CallNet collapse

    Switch off the lines, ISP told

    Business 01 14:03

  • More Taiwanese mobo makers get jitters after Intel suit

    FIC a big supplier to Compaq, it emerges

    Business 01 14:25

  • RealNetworks caught secretly swiping users' jukebox data

    If you thought your Leonard Cohen habit was a secret, you were wrong...

    Business 01 14:28

  • LG Philips plugs £70m into TFT

    Thin is in, says South Korean joint venture

    Business 01 14:33

  • Nvidia drives into pro 3D market with Quadro

    First product of SGI tie-in

    Business 01 15:03

  • i820 still waiting to bottom out

    Still on target for this Q, says Intel

    Business 01 15:20

  • Silver surfers hit out over PC rental scheme

    Don't leave out the elderly, UK gov't told

    Business 01 15:26

  • Intel Santa Clarifies Via legal pursuit

    Puts ball in Taiwanese and other firms' court

    Business 01 16:24

  • Bill Gates devil numerologist can't count

    ...but the great man may still be possessed

    Business 01 17:35

  • US, Russian militaries join hands for Y2K horror

    Early-warning glitches may end 'civilisation' as we know it

    Business 01 18:03

  • Register experience shows why Levi's was right to scrap online sales

    One leg shorter than other

    Business 01 18:14

  • Microsoft buys voice recognition firm

    Promotes telephony access to the Web

    Business 01 18:26