29th October 1999 Archive

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  • Etre 99: to be or not to be

    Highlights from the CEO schmooze

    Business 29 05:50

  • Intel execs outline Y2K chip futures

    No Willamette until second half of next year

    Business 29 06:28

  • Packard Bell shows Panrix red card over footy ad

    System builder on subs bench after Leeds United sponsorship row

    Business 29 07:03

  • Compel issues profit warning

    Y2K bug eats into resellers sales -- hungry little bleeder

    Business 29 07:11

  • King of the Jungle bags HP marketeer

    Rubio to join Bennett in new venture

    Business 29 08:53

  • Inprise reports Q3 loss, consults legals on MS brand heist

    AppCenter? Didn't we hear that name somewhere before?

    Business 29 09:27

  • US Net founder elected to ICANN board

    No, not Al Gore, the other guy...

    Business 29 09:57

  • David Goldman, Sage

    A key figure of the UK IT industry

    Business 29 10:36

  • Computacenter buys Metrologie

    It's the channel sale of the century

    Business 29 11:01

  • So, who really invented the Net?

    Another great British invention that had to go overseas for funding

    Business 29 11:25

  • Karma follows sister companies into receivership

    Buyer expected within days

    Business 29 11:44

  • Sony preps satellite digital content delivery service

    Applies for broadcasting licence, readies spin-off company

    Business 29 11:57

  • Intel likely to bring Solano chipset forward

    But 815 does not cure Caminogate problems

    Business 29 12:01

  • Willamette due 2H 2000

    Register sources suffer bad attack of over-enthusiasm

    Business 29 12:05

  • Intel CuMine fails to dampen AMD's Athlon squib

    Now there's a shortage of Slot Ones..

    Business 29 12:17

  • Iridium rival ICO plans Teledesic makeover

    Forget satellite-based mobile telephony, high bandwidth Net links are where we're at now

    Business 29 12:41

  • Dell's hidden page on Rambus exposed

    You can't keep a good Caminogate down

    Business 29 12:50

  • Can France drive open source as Europe's standard?

    The result may hinge on the difference between 'open' and 'open source'

    Business 29 13:27

  • Y2k bug eats StorageTek jobs

    Stalled sales lead to major job cuts

    Business 29 14:00

  • Ingram upbeat despite profit slip

    Distie maintains the future still looks bright

    Business 29 14:04

  • Gates announces Generation I – run for it, kids

    McEncyclopaedias for all...

    Business 29 14:39

  • US ISP blocks all UK email

    Dummies over react to alleged UK porn spam

    Business 29 14:52

  • MS consumer group: your executive departures tonight

    Now Bennett hits the trail

    Business 29 14:56

  • Data-loss lawsuit costs Toshiba $1bn

    Floppy drive controllers a little too floppy, it seems

    Business 29 15:41

  • MS makes Dow Jones eat ‘breakup clause’ story

    It'd be even funnier if we hadn't followed it up ourselves...

    Business 29 17:28