28th October 1999 Archive

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  • Chip market sails out of doldrums

    Smile on faces of trade group

    Business 28 09:49

  • IO trade group acquires very silly name

    But at least it's jaw jaw, not war war

    Business 28 10:07

  • Dealers sue Amiga over deceptive trade practices, fraud

    Amiga shipped used part-ridden machines as new, dealers allege

    Business 28 10:26

  • CHS Latin America sold for cash

    MBO planned down Mexico way

    Business 28 11:01

  • MS wins Big Brother award for Linux spam atrocity

    MS Austria execs now risk gaol in Norway...

    Business 28 11:03

  • Oracle readies re-entry into network computer biz

    Larry's at it again

    Business 28 11:04

  • Dell knocks Apple off top education spot – just

    Will the iBook do the same to Dell?

    Business 28 11:26

  • IBM to produce new OS/2 client – very quietly

    But you won't hear about it, and you can't buy it. Stealth marketing reaches its zenith

    Business 28 11:38

  • Metrologie calls in administrators

    CHS' woes extend to UK disti

    Business 28 11:45

  • Win95 development head Silverberg leaves MS

    It's taken him something like two years to get into the office to resign, apparently...

    Business 28 11:47

  • SDMI can't kill MP3 admits music industry

    Latest legal campaign suggests piracy can't be beaten with technology after all

    Business 28 11:48

  • AMD runs out of K6-III/400s

    Demand strong as chip firm hits target

    Business 28 12:18

  • HP issues profit warning

    New car incentive scheme obviously hasn't done the business yet

    Business 28 12:57

  • Sage founder, Goldman, dies

    Ill-health had forced him to scale down workload over last two years

    Business 28 13:35

  • Government to push PC rental for the poor

    Half-baked plan to avoid creation of information underclass

    Business 28 13:39

  • The Net was invented in Britain, says leading UK minister

    What was that about an information underclass?

    Business 28 13:42

  • Former Info'P owner dumps more PC divisions

    Buhrmann claims five buyers lined up as it moves out of computers

    Business 28 14:00

  • NAG to offer free calls for low income families

    Is this the missing piece of the government's PC rental scheme?

    Business 28 14:08

  • Hucksters screw US businesses for phoney Web sites

    Senate considers exponential growth in Web scams

    Business 28 14:13

  • AMD vs Intel – our readers write

    Sherriff's email account gets blitzed

    Business 28 14:20

  • TurboLinux clustering and the code-forking scare

    Or, the story that wasn't

    Business 28 15:02

  • MCI-Worldcom scores $4bn Dept of Defence contract

    All this and record profits too...

    Business 28 15:15

  • We're all Web window shoppers

    Research shows we like to compare prices online but we're less inclined to spend

    Business 28 15:43

  • Chipzilla to spill beans on Willamette later today

    You heard it here first

    Business 28 16:05

  • Apple pulls out of own UK show

    Paris chosen as sole Euro expo site. Well, the food'll be better at least...

    Business 28 16:55