27th October 1999 Archive

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  • Compaq offers crumbs of comfort with small Q3 profit

    It's not good but it could be worse

    Business 27 06:34

  • MS reveals red ink in Expedia IPO filing

    But by Web standard the unprofitability is hardly unusual...

    Business 27 09:32

  • MS fixes February for Win2k rollout

    But it's really not late, no sir...

    Business 27 09:35

  • Intel fashion machines now unlikely before Yule

    Unless they're Celeron-based, of course

    Business 27 09:38

  • Via Joshua chip gets mobo support

    Iwill to intro systems shortly

    Business 27 09:55

  • Intel Bunny Suits in danger?

    Suits out, UK press report

    Business 27 10:00

  • Strayduck.com takes to the air

    Daffy name – not such a daffy idea

    Business 27 10:44

  • Netvest incubates five firms

    Spreading the risk

    Business 27 10:46

  • MS allies with IBM in major Win2k client upgrade push

    And Big Blue adopts Win2k as standard for 300k internal desktops

    Business 27 11:00

  • Right of Reply: MS says stealing is wrong

    Anti-piracy manager Julia Phillpot speaks

    Business 27 11:26

  • Sturm warning: German mobile operators on the offensive

    And with Europe largely tied up, the focus shifts to the US

    Business 27 11:32

  • 08004u MD coughs up to poor service

    But don't worry, readers, they'll have things sorted out in a week or two

    Business 27 12:23

  • Did a ‘poison pill’ threaten Intel's StrongARM licence?

    An odd bit of Digital lawyering may have had an unforeseen affect. Allegedly...

    Business 27 12:31

  • CHS Euro divisions file for court protection

    Domino effect spills out across the channel

    Business 27 12:40

  • Tower Red Hat Linux JVM wins speed trials

    IBM second and third, MS and Sun trail

    Business 27 12:51

  • Motorola pumps up Bluetooth investment

    In Brief: Digianswer escapes Olicom's clutches

    Business 27 12:53

  • Athlon no threat to Intel World dominance

    Pete Sherriff calls for reality check time

    Business 27 13:08

  • What the Hell is a Skunk Work?

    No, its got nothing to do with smoking cannabis

    Business 27 13:28

  • Compaq pushes spooky follow your keystroke system

    The system will undercut IBM by $80 million

    Business 27 14:20

  • No BT Net call pricing U-turn next week

    Time to stop frothing at the mouth and get real folks

    Business 27 14:28

  • Chicks in their underwear online now

    Hard news? Nah, but everyone needs a little light relief

    Business 27 14:56

  • HP's Merced on target for June 2000

    HP's four way only but chipset becomes big burning issue

    Business 27 15:06

  • AMD set to capitalise from Intel mobile embarrassment

    Keeps prices steady as they go

    Business 27 15:38

  • Bill Gates is the devil – - whacky numerologist ‘proves’

    It's written in the ASCII

    Business 27 16:56

  • Sunday Times names Register in best 100 Web sites

    Smug? You could say so

    Business 27 20:13