26th October 1999 Archive

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  • Bug in 733MHz Coppermine? No one has stocks anyway…

    Jaw hits flaw. Stone the crows and strike us pink

    Business 26 07:30

  • Pssst… wanna buy a Camino mobo?

    Intel thought police pop round for a chat

    Business 26 10:00

  • ‘No catch’ 0800 access opens for UK business

    North American Gateway comes gunning for BT

    Business 26 10:16

  • Micron secures $20bn DRAM deal with Compaq

    Or is it the other way around?

    Business 26 10:23

  • MS makes U-turn on MVP programme shutdown

    After all, why get rid of unpaid tech support people?

    Business 26 10:46

  • US spammer flouts British court restraining order

    Very naughty

    Business 26 10:55

  • Solaris on IA-64 is undead

    Oh no it isn't

    Business 26 10:56

  • Solaris on IA64 'is dead'…oh no it isn't

    Boots up on Itanium

    Business 26 11:01

  • Register site news: links update

    Time for change

    Business 26 11:24

  • IBM extends Aptiva retail ban to Europe

    Only Spain and Germany escape

    Business 26 11:43

  • ATI readies Rage 128-based mobile part

    Fastest mobile chip in 2000, company claims

    Business 26 11:53

  • Is an i810e mobo a good buy?

    Looks like it's lagging a bit in the gaming stakes

    Business 26 11:57

  • Smart money still on Rambus Ink

    Buy now, rake it in later

    Business 26 12:41

  • Red Hat selects Ingram for Europe

    And SuSe sets up in Britain

    Business 26 13:27

  • Freeserve icircles around women's portal

    This sector's getting very crowded

    Business 26 13:51

  • Congress meddles with cybersquatters

    Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works suit chucked out, meanwhile

    Business 26 13:54

  • MS, Intel to drive Dow Jones stock index

    Great Stans displace Goodyear, Chevron, among others

    Business 26 16:57

  • Northamber snaps up CHS Electronics' customers

    220 jobs lost as receivers fail to find buyer for business

    Business 26 17:21

  • US banking bill computerises you like never before

    'Quit whining -- it's for your own good,' says Congress

    Business 26 17:28

  • Microsoft's X-Box PlayStation 2 killer resurfaces

    No new detail, but MS is trying to drum up games industry interest again

    Business 26 17:29

  • Huge shortages, technical problems hit Intel Coppermine debut

    Mobile PIIIs delayed, heat sink problem with S370s

    Business 26 17:33