25th October 1999 Archive

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  • Amazon sues Barnes & Noble over checkout system

    March of the dubious patents continues...

    Business 25 07:19

  • Paddy Pantsdown spends more time with Time

    Former party leader joins PC vendor board

    Business 25 07:28

  • Wildfire scales like hell as AMD, CPQ shares stand equal

    They're big boxes aimed at HP, IBM and Sun. Can the DEC chip cut it?

    Business 25 07:46

  • Squatter mounting bike defence against Morgan Stanley

    What's wrong with morganstanleydeanwitter.com anyway?

    Business 25 07:55

  • Caminogate: the plot thickens like caramel

    Fear, uncertainty, doubt amounts to Intel blundering thud

    Business 25 08:26

  • ICANN internationalises as US candidates miss election

    But there's still some way to go...

    Business 25 09:24

  • Palestine wins .ps domain

    After a two year Internetifada...

    Business 25 09:48

  • Sun-AOL strengthen hand via interactive TV alliance

    Large queue of investors join the Odd Couple in OpenTV

    Business 25 10:30

  • Links to Software Sites


    Business 25 11:07

  • Two PR bunnies for every hack

    It's not enough

    Business 25 11:09

  • LCD firms team up on packet-based interface spec

    Digital PV brings Internet-esque data packets to PC-to-screen links

    Business 25 11:13

  • AOL to offer 0800 access – if it gets BT wholesale deal

    Unmetered access 'will happen'

    Business 25 11:23

  • CHS bigwig launches European MBO bid

    Update: But receivers still want to sell CHS UK as going concern

    Business 25 11:28

  • Cheaper BT net access story looks like a dud

    Two plus Two equals... er... Nine

    Business 25 11:35

  • Compaq and Dell play cat and mouse with PC sales

    ...but Compaq clawing its way back

    Business 25 12:57

  • UK Online blacklists 400k ‘inappropriate’ Web sites

    Family-oriented ISP makes stand against child porn

    Business 25 13:00

  • Intel licence deal paves way for 750 MIPS StrongARM

    Chipzilla has been running unlicensed architecture all this time? Tsk...

    Business 25 13:19

  • Intel Coppermine chips: now the goldmine is official…

    Fifteen CuMines a-processing and a partridge in a pear tree

    Business 25 15:00

  • Not Welcome Here: China toughens stand against Net foreigners

    No place to hide for running dog lackeys of Net capitalism

    Business 25 15:11

  • Fujitsu clones iMac – Apple lawyers on alert

    All-in-one, multi-colour design says it all

    Business 25 15:40

  • NTL blackout hits 54,000 customers

    Software fault blamed

    Business 25 16:16

  • Apple plots direct-only sales

    That's the rumour -- and it makes a lot of sense

    Business 25 16:25

  • MS and Symantec spar over ‘hoax’ Windows Y2K email

    Hoax alerts users to an 'unrequired' mod that MS nevertheless 'recommends'

    Business 25 16:43

  • AMD intros $666 700MHz Athlon, cuts prices

    SiS adds chipset support, so look to your laurels, Chipzilla

    Business 25 16:45