24th October 1999 Archive

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  • Strange whiff surrounds Intel's great i820 shambles

    Or how secret shenanigans undid Dell, Samsung, Intel's doublets

    Business 24 10:27

  • Russian Merced killer firm confirms Transmeta link

    Sun Solaris gets look-in too, Transmeta Web page changes

    Business 24 10:50

  • USB Bug found with fast AMD chips, Win98SE

    But Microsoft has the solution, it says

    Business 24 11:16

  • Microsoft axes free newsgroup support team

    The customers have been demanding less support, apparently...

    Business 24 12:28

  • French senators propose making open source compulsory

    Law proposes elimination of proprietary software use by state

    Business 24 13:47

  • U-boat commander damns MS marketing team


    Business 24 14:56