22nd October 1999 Archive

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  • MS and Nokia deals help Spyglass prospects

    Small company, small browsers, smaller loss

    Business 22 06:29

  • Cognito expands into Internet email

    Talks up takeover opportunities

    Business 22 07:00

  • Acer to centralise distribution in Holland

    No more product shipping out of Taiwan

    Business 22 08:28

  • Queen's Web site runs on Linux

    Red Hat in the frame for a Royal Warrant?

    Business 22 09:21

  • Symbian partner Motorola chooses OS-9 for smartphone

    What you support and what you ship can be two separate things...

    Business 22 09:34

  • Psion Revo doesn't work with Motorola phone

    Register readers offer their suggestions

    Business 22 11:04

  • ATI posts modest growth for Q4 1999

    Sales up, profits up but Wall Street unfazed

    Business 22 11:12

  • UK Net access as cheap as US

    Off-peak figures tell one story, while peak-time rates read like a Steven King novel

    Business 22 11:36

  • Free calls keep users online for longer

    Screaming.net figures back up what we always suspected

    Business 22 11:37

  • Compaq switches tack on networking

    Pulls out of networking access market

    Business 22 11:49

  • Receivers called in at CHS Electronics UK

    ...It looks bad

    Business 22 14:35

  • Freeserve ADSL trial to cost £60pm

    Full service set to roll in spring 2000

    Business 22 14:45

  • MS trial – verdict due next Friday

    Our Graham makes death-defying predictive leap -- ooooh...

    Business 22 15:52

  • Mesh PC spec confirms Coppermine features

    733MHz, check; 256K on-die L2, check; 133MHz FSB, check...

    Business 22 16:25

  • Sony, Sharp create optical 1394 for portable devices

    Takes cable length to 10m with connector small enough for MP3 players

    Business 22 16:52