21st October 1999 Archive

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  • FSA warns of Net trading dangers

    Only 30 per cent of day traders make money

    Business 21 07:37

  • 365 to IPO – but not exactly a pure Net company, is it?

    Shoots up non-Net revenue streams

    Business 21 07:52

  • Palm fuzzes on colour, hides behind IPO smoke screen

    But underneath the pre-IPO silence, the cupboard looks bare

    Business 21 07:57

  • AOL-Gateway deal paves way for Linux Web appliance

    AOL Anywhere gets hardware arm, Philips gets it in the last reel?

    Business 21 09:07

  • French telco has designs on UK mobile licence

    NTL to stage UMTS bid for French parent

    Business 21 09:13

  • Yac debuts free unified messaging service

    One number follows you everywhere -- you can run but you can't hide

    Business 21 09:34

  • Equiinet boss savages BT over ADSL fiasco

    Jones rips into telco giant for continuing to drag its heels

    Business 21 09:40

  • SGI loss deepens to $213 million

    Ongoing restructure, failed sale of NT workstation line blamed

    Business 21 10:14

  • Be revenues rise – but profits don't much

    We'd have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those pesky Linux kids

    Business 21 10:49

  • Fujitsu Siemens takes on Sun in Europe

    It's a better Sun than Sun, company claims

    Business 21 11:12

  • Avnet pops out for a little Italian

    Snaffles two Euro-disties as part of its Continental drift

    Business 21 11:20

  • IBM sees Y2K issue hurting sales

    Customers bought early - possibly from somebody else, if you check sales levels for Big Blue's last quarter

    Business 21 11:20

  • US advertisers question Web rules for kiddies

    Forge a note from Mum and we'll do business...

    Business 21 11:47

  • QXL auctions off Wembley Stadium

    It's a fitting and fixture thing

    Business 21 12:03

  • Real3D dead – Intel buys bones

    Graphics company closed, extensive 3D patent portfolio sold to Chipzilla

    Business 21 12:15

  • Memcorp protects IP with acquisition of bust add-ons firm

    Assets and goodwill

    Business 21 12:23

  • High UK Net call costs are hurting Intel

    Chipzilla insider keeps it under its hat

    Business 21 13:21

  • Amiga users demand open source AmigaOS

    It may not make much sense for Amiga, inc., but the plan has merit

    Business 21 14:34

  • Robot cat barred from flight to Moscow

    Some stories are too good to check...

    Business 21 15:09

  • CHS names the ditched divisions

    Magnificent seven handed back - but some of the names are still under wraps

    Business 21 15:14

  • Big Blue and PSINet team up to offer RS/6000 e-services

    You'd better get your wad out though

    Business 21 15:35

  • Intel porn squatters stick up for AMD

    Chipzilla and Chimpzilla meet their match in Gimpzilla

    Business 21 15:35

  • Canadian pedo vindicated by appellate court

    Judge finds simple possession no boost to child exploitation -- yeah, right...

    Business 21 20:41