20th October 1999 Archive

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  • MS trial judge announces day of verdict

    But not, merry prankster, the date...

    Business 20 06:45

  • MS pricing and ‘bounties’ nix Gates honorary degree

    Opponents say Great Man makes software less accessible to the poor

    Business 20 08:19

  • NatSemi to build Linux version of Webpad info appliance

    Multi-OS variants to follow QNX reference design

    Business 20 09:01

  • Tera: the chip that likes to say yes 128 times

    Forget the Alpha, the chip that time forgot

    Business 20 09:37

  • Mondus seeks patent for way it does ecommerce

    Tender foots

    Business 20 09:54

  • MS CFO doesn't expect Win2k revenues before mid-2000

    Which must mean a very slow rollout, friends...

    Business 20 10:55

  • Insight deal no big deal, says Action man

    Lewis claims future is still positive despite acquisition set-back

    Business 20 11:21

  • Metered Net calls are damaging UK economy

    AOL boss hits out at telco industry

    Business 20 11:27

  • Are you being served by Intel Xeons?

    High end CPUs are not cheap chips

    Business 20 12:04

  • MS turns in whopping 41 per cent net profit

    Nice work if you can get it - but the OEM sales team wouldn't let you...

    Business 20 12:18

  • Free Britannica to cut off Encarta's air supply?

    The old guard goes portal in bid for survival

    Business 20 12:22

  • Cobalt drops MIPS for x86 in next-gen server appliance

    300MHz AMD K6-2 based RaQ 3 to be launched next week

    Business 20 12:36

  • CHS sheds seven to boost confidence

    Divisions handed back to original owners as debt slashed

    Business 20 12:39

  • ATI brings Rage 3D acceleration to open source world

    Begins Linux driver development

    Business 20 13:08

  • Palm pledges colour screen handheld for 2000

    Motorola Dragonball VZ CPU leads the way

    Business 20 13:28

  • RealNetworks slides out of the red

    Digital music strategy set to outweigh media streaming efforts

    Business 20 14:08

  • MS wireless deal with Symbian on the cards?

    If not, NTT DoCoMo is choosing a funny set of partners...

    Business 20 14:32

  • Acer, TSMC to expand in Taiwan despite quake

    More fabs to come online next year

    Business 20 15:42

  • Intel i820 update leaks

    More on them thar Rambus RIMMs

    Business 20 16:14

  • MS cuts out channel to sell direct

    US customers can buy MS product online, bypassing resellers

    Business 20 16:31

  • Dreamcast Net access a ‘not access’ say users

    BT creaks under the strain, fails to cope with demand

    Business 20 16:36

  • Consumers face PC confusion post-Coppermine launch

    New features unlikely to be flagged on systems

    Business 20 17:26

  • Copper Athlon hits 900MHz, AMD cranks 1GHz-plus production

    As Fab 30 opens, company promises chips on sale in Q2

    Business 20 18:41