19th October 1999 Archive

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  • Round and round the hardware sites

    Well Hard

    Business 19 06:41

  • Intel's i840 is a chipset that works

    AGP 50, crumbs, jings and cor blimey stone the crows

    Business 19 07:12

  • MS lobbies senate to lean on Europe, WTO

    Concerned about piracy control and tax mitigation, apparently...

    Business 19 07:31

  • Intel mobo prices and spex for the 24th: we got the lot

    Slot one creeps into Dodoland

    Business 19 07:38

  • Red Hat to publish Compaq Linux mods under GPL

    All the PC companies love Linux, but the Compaq approach might show how they can prove it

    Business 19 08:13

  • Telinco's free Net service is a sitting duck

    Details leak out about next week's launch -- we suspect fowl play

    Business 19 10:04

  • MS spin doctors ‘explain’ Win2k slippage to 2000

    When people say 'that's what we always said,' you should note the moving goalposts

    Business 19 10:22

  • Apple announces another G4 order policy

    Fourth change of mind in as many days

    Business 19 10:35

  • UK management blamed for Ingram woes

    Distie's senior execs set out stall for planned recovery

    Business 19 10:42

  • Intel attempts to bankrupt Register

    Or is Chipzilla just strapped for cash?

    Business 19 10:55

  • Linux beats NT, but Unix is top for enterprise claims report

    Bloor Research climbs aboard the controversy

    Business 19 11:36

  • Motorola unveils Palm-powering Dragonball upgrade

    VZ version takes speed to 33MHz, integrates colour LCD support

    Business 19 11:47

  • NEC to build chip fab to service $2.8bn Nintendo Dolphin deal

    $755m plant to fab Dolphin graphics processor, DRAM

    Business 19 12:11

  • Intel pulls into fast lane as workstation plans unfold

    Chipzilla wants Desperate Dan size pie

    Business 19 12:16

  • Taiwan quake blamed for Dell profit slip

    Customers to shoulder increased PC prices

    Business 19 12:38

  • BT kills off ADSL trial

    New service will be slower and more expensive

    Business 19 12:40

  • MS piracy losses claims don't stack up

    Contradictory claims and dubious statistics underpin them. Not.

    Business 19 13:53

  • Tiny telco offers bargain broadband access

    But you can only get it in Hull

    Business 19 14:36

  • STMicro sees 33 per cent profit jump

    Strong Q3 and first nine months for Euro chip maker

    Business 19 15:12

  • Gates and Ballmer mount buddies act in Fortune

    Ah yes, I remember it well...

    Business 19 16:05

  • Camino egg on face to be wiped away by i840?

    ...it's no yolk

    Business 19 16:27

  • Brit firm shows US Senators ‘the real turd in the Y2K punchbowl’

    Ask not for whom the bowl flushes....

    Business 19 20:56

  • 365IPO

    Shoots up non-Net revenue streams

    Business 19 20:56