18th October 1999 Archive

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  • Gates knocks stuffing out of Paxman

    Soft-centred interview

    Business 18 06:26

  • More AMD Athlon prices leak out

    Battle of Coppermine commences

    Business 18 07:34

  • The Survivor's Guide to Geneva 2003

    Guard against casual dress, Swiss waiters, crap accommodation, dish-washer detergent and mad women professing their undying love

    Business 18 08:03

  • The Future is bright, the future is wireless

    Tero teases out the trends at Telecom 99

    Business 18 08:05

  • Telecom 99: The winners and the (many) losers

    Reaching nerdvana with Tero Kuittinen

    Business 18 08:06

  • 1GHz Athlon to arrive 10 Jan 2000

    But Dresden sandpit likely to hold off until mid Q1

    Business 18 08:23

  • Citrix confirms move on Unix

    Hinted at MetaFrame Unix server will now happen. So much for NT

    Business 18 10:24

  • Roundup of the hardware sites

    We've started, so we'll finish

    Business 18 10:39

  • Insight walks away from Action takeover

    Share price plummets as long awaited deal falls through

    Business 18 10:46

  • Canon gets 1394 ‘FireWireless’ up to 100Mbps

    Takes wireless 1394 beyond wireless Ethernet

    Business 18 11:39

  • More than a article of truth in Intel Cern story

    But the big x.86 boys not benefiting

    Business 18 11:51

  • Ignorant American red-necks boost US Net economy

    Meanwhile, sophisticated Europeans are too busy to go online

    Business 18 11:53

  • MS pushes system builders back to distribution by withholding CDs

    Tier-two assemblers claim they are being squeezed

    Business 18 12:02

  • Mystery surrounds TFT shortage…

    …it could be a longage, analyst reckons

    Business 18 12:20

  • Mobile Phone Squelchers – - Register readers weigh in

    Jammit Dammit

    Business 18 12:27

  • Fried green brain cells at the mobile phone café

    Leading scientist hits out at industry for hiding health scare facts

    Business 18 14:52

  • MS-Gartner in tangle over Linux-knocking reports

    Linux Myths page claims MS newsletter published by Gartner is Gartner report - now read on

    Business 18 15:15

  • Online advertising is no pot of gold

    Not enough cash to go round, say e-biz gurus

    Business 18 15:24

  • Free Net calls group to meet minister

    Are Blair and co. about to pull a massive U-turn?

    Business 18 15:30

  • Intel 1100MHz ‘Athlon killer’ to launch in December? Hmm..

    ...crazy speculation or big grain of truth?

    Business 18 16:43